Well I am officially moved. It was long and exhaustive but survived. The place is nice and bigger then I imagined when placing things. I think one of my favorite things aside from the huge tub is the silence at night and the fact that we are not very illuminated so you can see the stars very easily. I have internet however no phone (Yay DSL) so not sure when I will achieve connectivity. Looking at the garage which is packed I say a good week if not a bit more.

So if anyone needs to reach me you go my cell number so best to go with that for now.

2 thoughts on “Moved!”

  1. Awesome Carl!

    Sorry once again that i have not been there more too help. Got wrapped up in a lot of stuff i needed to do around my own place, and other things.

    Friday night and Saturday morning was not fun.

    Anyways, if you want some help tomorrow to unpack (if you plan on working at unpacking tomorrow) we are free in the morning from like 10am to noon. But Angie has a meeting at 2pm and we are planning on seeing the fireworks in pierrefonds/D.D.O. tomorrow night and since i still don’t have any wheels, i will be going into the west island with her.

    So let me know if you want some help in the morning. Or i’ll call you around 9:30am 😉

    Oh, also i hope your okay. But DSL (especially with Bell) does not normally work too well out here. I know when i had it, it sucked. Chris also had issues with it i think. Just a warning.

  2. Well we do not have a particular choice at the moment. Were stuck with Bell for satellite for another year. For phone we are going with Bell so to make things cheap for our initial year we stuck with internet. We inquired about videotron for net but they said to cable up the area would take about a month. So a month without net is no can do especially with my job. Better shit net then no net. Plus with all our savings might upgrade the Bell line. We will see though.

    Yeah definitely plan to unpack and no need to apologize. I know you had stuff going on. Plus you two helped pack earlier for awhile and that helped out a lot.

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