Moving and Stuff

Hello everyone, I have not dissapeared! I just wanted to say though that things are going ok. Marie is hanging in there and has not been too bad. I had to go for an asthma treatment yesterday so yes another trip to the emergency. When you start to know the staff rotations there is a problem lol But all is ok and were taking things in stride. The townhouse is almost all packed. Were wrapping up the packing today.

So Chris or Cliff (I saw him post something on Alex site) if you can help out. Not sure how long you down Chris. We need some hands on the 25 (evening) 26 all day or 27th all day long.

Neil andΒ  Angie are already signed up for helping out so gimme a shout on my BB at 514-515-9389 since I am still living at the parents.

Off Topic: Will see about getting my PBEM character done tonight. Marie brought my books so will do the character tonight.

Peace Out!

10 thoughts on “Moving and Stuff”

  1. Not too much worry about the character. I figured you’d be preoccupied with the house and everything.

    As for the move, I’d love to help out, or at least drop by on the weekend, but I start work next Monday, so I’m not sure I should risk being tired and sick on my first day. πŸ˜‰

    That said, if there were to be an internet connection and, say, an omnidirectional mic, I would not be adverse to DMing via said device!

  2. Leaving my place in about an hour or so Carl, so we can swing by and lend a hand for a bit before we head over to Angie’s dad’s place for dinner.

    Will call you when we are leaving.

  3. Well, I won’t be able to help tomorrow night as my aunt and her boyfriend are in Montreal and I’m meeting her for supper. As for the 26th, I think I’m free to help, I’ll just have to double-check things to make sure I haven’t forgotten something. So I’ll get back to you on that.

  4. Well I appreicate all who can lend a hand. The less moving time we pay for the better.

    Not sure about the omni mic, etc as I have no idea where it got packed to. Thats what you get when Mom and Dad pack your stuff as well lol

  5. Well Carl i know Angie and i have not helped as much yet as we would have liked with the packing, but if you want Friday night and Saturday we can help with unpacking and stuff.

    The biggest hindrance for me getting to Pointe-Claire is the fact i have no car and need to rely on Angie to get around. But atleast for unpacking i can bike over easily if need be.

    So have no fear, you have help with unpacking so it may not be so bad! πŸ™‚

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