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PBEM is a very new thing to all of us, I’m sure. I imagine that at first, regardless of what we do, it will be shaky ground. But I also have faith that before long we’ll be well into the swing of things and having a great time. To help ease us into this whole new play style, I’ve been reading whatever I could and found a nifty little site called that has all kinds of advice for both players and DMs. It’s very generic, and sometimes that means that it can be a bit ethereal in it’s explanations, but I still found it to be a handy guide.

If you’re looking for some more concrete examples, feel free to check out ENWorld’s Play by Post forum.

Lastly, we’ll also be using Invisible Castle for die rolls. Well, for your rolls anyway. I’ll be using my fancy new dice for mine. 😉

I hope to see all your characters (Carl, Joe, and John remain) soon so we can start ASAP!

6 thoughts on “Play By Email”

  1. I have as well, though I’m still trying to figure it all out. I don’t actually think you need to be registered to roll. I hope I don’t have to be a VIP to start a campaign.

  2. Oh I get it. Once you’ve made a roll, if you’ve filled in the Campaign box, it’ll create a campaign page for you. So once we begin I’ll need all of your player names, and I’ll have a more official campaign name for you all to use so we can keep it all together.

    Once you’ve rolled, you’ll be putting it in your email response as a link like so (it’s probably a good sign that my first d20 roll was a natural 20)

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