Ravenloft: Welcome to the Carnival

Well seem’s with 4th edition we are just bursting with ideas around this place and here is yet another.

Welcome to the Carnival will be my Ravenloft campaign which will be an alternate to Call of Cthulhu if other players cannot make it. The idea behind Welcome to the Carnival is that everyone is part of the troupe. Zoe being perhaps in acrobatics under the big top, Youri divining peoples pasts and futures…cursing them, etc. While traveling you will see various lands which will keep things dynamic and the story itself can continue despite who is not present.

As far as timeline it is definitely pre-requiem. How early in RL history I am not sure yet but will provide more details soon on that. I would like the characters in around the same time as CoC characters that are to be handed in for those who are interested.

I was originally thinking about doing an RL game as a PBEM however while cooking tonight the idea is almost too good to pass up doing in person. Not to mention it makes a good alternate to Call of Cthulhu so there is always something to play.

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