Google Calendar

By now you guys should’ve probably got a bunch of emails from Google regarding invites for Google calendars. I figured I’d add in the events calendar at long last so we can stay organized as a group. Obviously, there was some challenge in setting it all up and there still is. I originally shared my own calendar, but it was including personal events (doctor’s appointments, etc) and I’d really like it to be a bit cleaner than that. So I created a new calendar and invited everyone to have access to it, and that’s the one you see shared here. Unfortunately, things still aren’t quite working as planned. Carl tried adding an event earlier and it seems it added it to my own personal calendar, not the site’s calendar.

Just thought I’d give everone a heads up. I’m sure once everything’s working as planned it’ll work great, we just need to sort it all out.

UPDATE: Alright, everything seems to be squared away. Hopefully you guys didn’t have to agree to too many public calendar invites. Now when you add an event to the calendar, and set it to public, it should show up on the website. This should help us keep everything organized (for D&D in particular).

The Watchmen

Apparently this was a preview they played before the Dark Knight. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should check it out. Having read the graphic novel and loved it, I really can’t wait to see this as it looks like it’s going to be pretty faithful to the book.

Oh, and it comes out on my birthday, so that’s awesome too!

The Watchmen Trailer

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!

So apparently the first episode came out without me knowing about it. Got a heads up from an old friend of mine that it came out recently. So check out Doctor Horrible’s sing along blog! Act 1 here!

For the record, it is totally f^&ckin’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No amount of exclamation marks in the world can convey how awesome it is!


So i have been corrected once more! Act 2 is also out! Use this little link here to go to the main page where you can select act 1 and/or 2!

**For the record Dr. Horrible is only available to watch for free online until midnight Sunday July 20th, 2008. So watch it now or live with many, many regrets!!!

Building an Army: Day 4

So yeah, that primer worked great…except for the fact i didn’t even have enough to finish priming my Leman Russ. It is 90% done, all i need to do is prime the top hatch, crewman, pintle mounted auto-cannon, and the spot light but i ran out of spray. Oh, and the two side mounted heavy bolters. The can i got was the biggest they had at $10 bucks. I might be able to shake a bit more out of it, but i doubt it. Sigh…

Didn’t get much done today. Still have nine troops to put together, i spent nearly two hours cutting, trimming, and shaving legs then decided to work on the tank. Looking pretty sweet though so far.

So that’s pretty much it for day 4. It is pretty fun working with the spray, it covers so well. Glad i used it instead of trying to paint on an undercoat with a brush. Thanks Curt 🙂

Building an Army: Day 3

So yeah, not that it really matters i did not have a chance to do a day 3 report yesterday. Progress was made though! I now have a full ten man squad all built with an extra sergeant. So now i only have nine more men to assemble and to finish the tank. I am hoping to get that done today.

I had a chance to test out my matte black spray as a primer on an extra tank tread i had lying around, just to see how it spreads. It worked beautifully, a quick burst from the can and i got a nice fast drying even coat of primer. So things look to be going well.

I am hoping to have the assembly done today and maybe even the whole lot primed up. Then i will be spending time reviewing more painting vids on youtube and reading as much as possible on painting before i start. Atleast i have the color scheme picked out already. I may post my example from the army painter in Dawn of War so people can get an idea of what i will be aiming for.

Is it a big deal to not use modelers putty or what ever it is called to fill whatever small gaps between pieces you may have on your models after assembly? Or will the primer fill most of those? I don’t have many gaps, most models have none, but to get some poses the way i wanted i have slight gaps. My tank also has a slight one on the front of the main chassis. The bottom piece had warped a bit and it made it tough to glue it together right, and when i got it right it still managed to separate a bit due to the warping…

Visual Blog of “Building an Army” Series!

So i am finally sitting down to put a few pics up of my adventures so far in warhammer miniature modeling. They are nothing to amazing just yet, but it is better then nothing. So without further ado!

By the way, the flash media thingy is annoying. It would not let me sort my photo’s in the order i wanted! So the pics are not in order. Clicking on the pic will open a window with the pic and the description and title, those will help explain it a bit.

Building an Army: Day 2

Yep day 2 is now complete. I feel like very little progress was made today, but in reality i did not do too badly. I was unable to work on it as much as i had wanted today, but i have still managed to complete two sergeants (number two came out pretty well i would say, very happy with his pose.) aside from accessories like grenades and belt items. I also now have nine torso’s with legs ready to go. Took me two hours to be all anal and shave those legs, torsos and heads as near perfect as i could…

I am really noticing the size difference between the guard and space marines. The guard seem so tiny! I am figuring for my flamer and grenade launcher guys i will leave their weapons off until i prime them, may even leave them off until i fully paint them too. It will be hard to paint them up while they wield their special weapons.

I am hoping to have atleast one full squad all glued up tomorrow. I am also planning on hitting Ted’s Hobby shop after my interview too see about scoring some primer spray. Then i can finish my Leman Russ 🙂 I figure tomorrow i will see about putting up some pics. Whats a good photo sharing site? Flickr? Photobucket? Taking suggestions/recommendations!
On a side note i think i may have actually finalized a color scheme. I have a strong potential in mind. I ended up playing a skirmish in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade today. I was playing in the army painter working on the colors for my Underdogs. I had two potential schemes but they both seemed to be lacking something. Then, having a brain storm, i decided to play with them a bit and combine the best elements from both schemes together. I ended up really liking the color scheme. So the skirmish was so i could see my colors in action, lol.  Obviously dawn of war is not the best place to plan your overall colors due to the limitations of the painter, but i still find it works better then the crappy one on the 40k website.

So i guess that really sums up today. Two completed sergeants and a squad of dismembered troops, woohoo! So ends day 2!

Apostle of Hustle – Cheap Like Sebastien

Look up in the sky, it’s… it’s… the Monday Music Video!

It seems like everywhere you look, somebody from Broken Social Scene is doing a solo career of some kind. I’m beginning to think that every artist in Toronto is a member of this band in some way, shape, or form.


Building an Army: Day 1

So day one of my army building saga has come to a close. I spent most of the afternoon/evening clipping, shaving, trimming, and finally even gluing my Leman Russ battle tank. It has been a very enjoyable day. I forgot how much i enjoyed model building and the like.

I turned on Band of Brothers for inspiration while i played with my tank. I assembled the treds and attached it to the main chassis. I did some work on the main turret and a few other parts of the tank but left them unattached to the chassis to make priming/painting later on easier. Thanks to Curt’s tip though, next vehicle i build will be primed before any assembly work. Seems to make more sense.

I have been taking pictures, so eventually i will post the visual guide to my Warhammer odyssey. Tomorrow i will be assembling the troops. Going to leave the completion of the tank until i can pickup some primer spray.

I am very much considering my color scheme choices right now. I do not have a set one in mind just yet. It is not something i want to rush into just yet, i may even ask for opinions later on. I figure once i am fully assembled then i will truly tackle the color issue.

My only beef with the box set is that they do not provide you with any other build options for the Leman Russ. It came with the plans for the Demolisher configuration but not the hardware to build it. So it is a stock Leman. I can’t even put on the optional side mounted dual heavy flamers that Leman Russ’s have the option of selecting. But it is all good, i am going to have more tanks later on anyways 😉

So that has been a rough break down of my experience thus far. So ends day 1…

Blown Away

Well guys, i just want to say thanks again. Yesterday was very awesome. I guess deep down when you get older it means a lot more to you when people remember and care about your birthing day and such. Seeing everyone was great and i had a great time, hope everyone else had a great time too.

Also thanks again for the awesome gift (i will consider it one gift in two parts :wink:) I can’t wait to get at it and get them all together.

Carl, thanks for letting us use your new home, let Marie know how much i appreciate it too. Was very awesome of you to allow us to have the party there considering your still just settling in. Happy belated anniversary also. I am such a douche. I remembered before, forgot it over the weekend, and then just remembered now. I must be getting old. If you are free Tuesday night i can bike over and we can finish that desk.

So guys, just wow, is all i can say. Thanks for the great B-Day, can’t express how much i appreciated it. Was great to see everyone and i am glad Joe could make it also, i know his schedule can make it tough especially on what i assume could be considered short notice. You guys rock!

Edit: Leman Russ is under construction! WOOT!

The Bling Gnome!!!


Saw this game at EB yesterday called Dungeon Runner’s, looked pretty entertaining but didn’t want to spend the $19 on it without reading a bit about it. Apparently it is totally free, you can even just download it for free and play. Only thing is if you don’t become a “premium” player you are not allowed to get really good items and stuff. Kinda weird.

I may try the free version see how it plays. I don’t remember hearing anything about this game, apparently it was a big hit when it came out last year. Has a small player base but scored high in reviews and such.

Anyways, thought people might get a kick out of this video. It’s to promote a new in game “Item” you get if you buy the retail version. Enjoy.

P.S. For some reason i couldn’t make the youtube video work like everyone else can on the site. Booooo!

Curt’s P.S.: That should do the trick.

Futurama: Bender’s Game DVD Preview


The second Futurama DVD hasn’t even stopped spinning in our drives and we’re already looking forward to the third one. It’s a much geekier affair than even Futurama fans are used to, as they’re delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Will this Ender’s Game Futurama movie be any good? We’re pretty sure it will, seeing as the Kirk and Spock heads are back, and that was probably one of the best episodes ever. – Gizmodo

Why I’ve Been So Silent

So, as I know you’ve all mentioned on the site recently, I’ve been very inactive around here and have not yet submitted any characters for the campaigns that have been proposed. I have been very interested in playing many if not all of these campaigns and have even started making one or two characters, but haven’t been able to complete them yet.

The big reason I’ve been so silent lately has been my dad. As a couple of you may know, he hasn’t been well lately and has been acting very much unlike himself. My dad has been convinced he owns and operates some sort of antique business and has been spending unhealthy amounts of money to support this idea. Most of this has been used to purchase low-quality pieces of worn-out and used chip-board furniture that is then negelected and left to rot out in the rain. These delusions have been preventing my dad from eating properly or taking his much-needed medications. My sister and I have been spending a lot of time driving back and forth to Pincourt to check in on him and try to intervene in this self-destructive spiral.

This recently hit a new level of risk when my dad began taking forrays into the woods after midnight often wearing only a pair of underwear. We have a theory that one or more of these were to bury his dog Chloe as she has been missing for two weeks and was a very old and unhealthy dog.

The most recent development was last Sunday when my sister and I took our dad in to Lakeshore General Hospital for a plethora of physical and mental health issues (his behaviour, weeping wounds on this arms, chest and legs, swollen red feet, swollen testicles and scrotum, etc…). As it stands he has been admitted to Lakeshore and is being monitored and will be treated and given a full psychological evaluation. He will likely be there for another week or two, depending on progress and what we can determine by speaking with a social worker we have been in contact with.

In the meantime, my sister and I have been going to his place every couple days and have taken on the very extensive task of cleaning his house up as the combination of left-out food, spilled liquids and dilapidated and old furniture have made the house dangerous not only for him but anyone else who enters the house. We made lots of progress on Monday when we were last there and are going back today to continue work on getting the house in order. We are hoping that by the time we find out exactly what is going to be done concerning our dad, that my sister and I will have the house fully cleaned up and possibly even painted if we are able.

So, that’s the long and short of it. Sorry I haven’t been on so much and haven’t let you guys know about all this sooner. Though I felt you guys deserved to know where I’ve been, so here I am.