Blown Away

Well guys, i just want to say thanks again. Yesterday was very awesome. I guess deep down when you get older it means a lot more to you when people remember and care about your birthing day and such. Seeing everyone was great and i had a great time, hope everyone else had a great time too.

Also thanks again for the awesome gift (i will consider it one gift in two parts :wink:) I can’t wait to get at it and get them all together.

Carl, thanks for letting us use your new home, let Marie know how much i appreciate it too. Was very awesome of you to allow us to have the party there considering your still just settling in. Happy belated anniversary also. I am such a douche. I remembered before, forgot it over the weekend, and then just remembered now. I must be getting old. If you are free Tuesday night i can bike over and we can finish that desk.

So guys, just wow, is all i can say. Thanks for the great B-Day, can’t express how much i appreciated it. Was great to see everyone and i am glad Joe could make it also, i know his schedule can make it tough especially on what i assume could be considered short notice. You guys rock!

Edit: Leman Russ is under construction! WOOT!

4 thoughts on “Blown Away”

  1. No problem, it was alot of fun. I don’t know why we never really celebrated birthdays as a group or anything, but I think it’d be a good habit to get into from here on out.

    Protip regarding tank construction: make sure that you can paint the interior if you want to before finishing assembly. 😉 I also basecoated my tanks before assembling them.

  2. Doh…I will keep that in mind for the next tank i do…lol. I wasn’t sure if it was really needed to paint the whole interior.

    I am leaving a lot of stuff unattached to the tank so i can paint a lot of it well though and not miss those little hard to reach areas.

    Like i am assembling the turret but not attaching it right away, a lot of the small decoration stuff i am leaving t’ill it is all painted.

  3. Yeah not sure why we never did the birthday thing. I think back in the day it was more financial so dinners, parties and all that were too out there for people to achieve despite nothing fancy being needed. But let this be a start to something new and amazing. Joe is next so we must be evil.

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