Building an Army: Day 1

So day one of my army building saga has come to a close. I spent most of the afternoon/evening clipping, shaving, trimming, and finally even gluing my Leman Russ battle tank. It has been a very enjoyable day. I forgot how much i enjoyed model building and the like.

I turned on Band of Brothers for inspiration while i played with my tank. I assembled the treds and attached it to the main chassis. I did some work on the main turret and a few other parts of the tank but left them unattached to the chassis to make priming/painting later on easier. Thanks to Curt’s tip though, next vehicle i build will be primed before any assembly work. Seems to make more sense.

I have been taking pictures, so eventually i will post the visual guide to my Warhammer odyssey. Tomorrow i will be assembling the troops. Going to leave the completion of the tank until i can pickup some primer spray.

I am very much considering my color scheme choices right now. I do not have a set one in mind just yet. It is not something i want to rush into just yet, i may even ask for opinions later on. I figure once i am fully assembled then i will truly tackle the color issue.

My only beef with the box set is that they do not provide you with any other build options for the Leman Russ. It came with the plans for the Demolisher configuration but not the hardware to build it. So it is a stock Leman. I can’t even put on the optional side mounted dual heavy flamers that Leman Russ’s have the option of selecting. But it is all good, i am going to have more tanks later on anyways 😉

So that has been a rough break down of my experience thus far. So ends day 1…

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  1. Good to hear about the progress. It is tricky pulling everything together and if your anal like me it might take you a lot of time to get things together.

    I myself tonight spent a good amount of fantasy warhammer done. I managed to do almost all the orc army. I was playing with some colors tonight. But progress is being made. I think I am more particularly happy with a head I painted attached to a belt of an orc as a trophy. Good times indeed.

    As for 40K, maybe when I am down to see Curt soon I might look into starting my Witch Hunter army.

  2. That’s odd that it didn’t come with extra sprues for options for the Leman Russ, my predator/razorback sprues came with some different weapon options. Oh well, it’s like you say, it’s not going to be the only tank you ever have.

    As for the colour schemes, one thing that you might want to do is if you have any bits left over, or even segments of sprue, you could prime and paint it with various colours to see what it looks like before you paint up your actual figures.

    Oh, also, you’ll probably want to read any painting guides or watch the videos on YouTube for tips and tutorials. There’s some decent stuff out there. Just keep in mind that alot of the guides on thinning your paints don’t quite apply cause you’re using foundation paints, which work differently.

  3. I have the pdf of the painting guide. So once i have everybody assembled i will take some time to read up on what i can and stuff.

    I am so worried about the painting part, i like that idea of painting up any extra bits i have and see how they look before i actually touch paint to the real deal.

    Glad to hear progress is being made on your end also Carl. Also, let me know when your going down to see Curt. If i have the extra cash i’ll go down with you. Wanted to go down labour day weekend, but as i was saying our plan has changed and we are going to north bay. It is 7 hours from Montreal and 5 hours away from Toronto…so we may not make it that weekend, hehe.

    One of my big concerns about putting things together is i find it hard to sometimes moderate the amount of glue. I hate having excess glue flow out of the cracks. I have had it happen in minor amounts in some spots, and even though it is barely noticeable i can’t stand it! Maybe for the tricky parts i’ll try using toothpicks or something to spread the right amount of glue…

    Now i am off to commence day 2, i better enjoy it cause if all goes well Pharmaprix will be calling today and i may end up starting as soon as tomorrow!

  4. For the glue you really don’t need to use much at all. Just basically touch the end that you need glued to the spigot of the glue bottle and gently squeeze the bottle until the glue gets up to the end of the spigot, then stop. Press it against whatever you need to glue it to for a little bit and you’re done. The glue melts the plastic together, so you really don’t need to use much at all. And I haven’t had anything come apart just yet. 😉

  5. Yeah, i have been trying to do that but sometimes i don’t stop squeezing quickly enough and a half drop comes out. When that happens i try and dab it quickly with a kleenex to absorb some of it.

    I am so bad though. Took me an hour to glue my first guy together cause i was paranoid i would screw it up, lol. Not 100% happy with the pose of my sergeant but it works. He just is not super dramatic or anything. Gonna try and get a better pose for my second sergeant.

    About to put together a flamer. Hopefully now that i have a bit more confidence it will go faster.

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