Building an Army: Day 2

Yep day 2 is now complete. I feel like very little progress was made today, but in reality i did not do too badly. I was unable to work on it as much as i had wanted today, but i have still managed to complete two sergeants (number two came out pretty well i would say, very happy with his pose.) aside from accessories like grenades and belt items. I also now have nine torso’s with legs ready to go. Took me two hours to be all anal and shave those legs, torsos and heads as near perfect as i could…

I am really noticing the size difference between the guard and space marines. The guard seem so tiny! I am figuring for my flamer and grenade launcher guys i will leave their weapons off until i prime them, may even leave them off until i fully paint them too. It will be hard to paint them up while they wield their special weapons.

I am hoping to have atleast one full squad all glued up tomorrow. I am also planning on hitting Ted’s Hobby shop after my interview too see about scoring some primer spray. Then i can finish my Leman Russ 🙂 I figure tomorrow i will see about putting up some pics. Whats a good photo sharing site? Flickr? Photobucket? Taking suggestions/recommendations!
On a side note i think i may have actually finalized a color scheme. I have a strong potential in mind. I ended up playing a skirmish in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade today. I was playing in the army painter working on the colors for my Underdogs. I had two potential schemes but they both seemed to be lacking something. Then, having a brain storm, i decided to play with them a bit and combine the best elements from both schemes together. I ended up really liking the color scheme. So the skirmish was so i could see my colors in action, lol.  Obviously dawn of war is not the best place to plan your overall colors due to the limitations of the painter, but i still find it works better then the crappy one on the 40k website.

So i guess that really sums up today. Two completed sergeants and a squad of dismembered troops, woohoo! So ends day 2!

5 thoughts on “Building an Army: Day 2”

  1. Very cool stuff. Take your time, there’s no rush or anything, and you only really get one shot at it, right?

    You might also want to invest in a detail brush cause the guys are so tiny. It helped me immensely.

    Also, you might want to pick up a metallic paint or two, but then again the boltgun paint you have in the hobby set is still pretty good for most metal-looking parts.

  2. I picked up a detail brush for $1.99 and got my spray. Just a quick question though, is the spray supposed to be an actual primer/undercoat paint or did you just use a black spray?

    I could not find anything that was actually classified as an “undercoat/primer” paint. So instead i just picked up a matte black plastic spray paint. It says it is easy to paint over and what not, so i hope that was a good buy.

    I also did not realize i could just upload pics directly to this site, that will be handy.

  3. Good to know. I was hopping the stuff i got would be fine. The have a nice selection of warhammer paints at Ted’s Hobby Shop, but they only had the spray in white and it was out of my price range for today.

    So i found an alternate that i hoped would work as long as it is matte and black. I will try it on extras before i use it on my actual models. If I don’t like it it i will wait until i can swing the real stuff.

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