Building an Army: Day 3

So yeah, not that it really matters i did not have a chance to do a day 3 report yesterday. Progress was made though! I now have a full ten man squad all built with an extra sergeant. So now i only have nine more men to assemble and to finish the tank. I am hoping to get that done today.

I had a chance to test out my matte black spray as a primer on an extra tank tread i had lying around, just to see how it spreads. It worked beautifully, a quick burst from the can and i got a nice fast drying even coat of primer. So things look to be going well.

I am hoping to have the assembly done today and maybe even the whole lot primed up. Then i will be spending time reviewing more painting vids on youtube and reading as much as possible on painting before i start. Atleast i have the color scheme picked out already. I may post my example from the army painter in Dawn of War so people can get an idea of what i will be aiming for.

Is it a big deal to not use modelers putty or what ever it is called to fill whatever small gaps between pieces you may have on your models after assembly? Or will the primer fill most of those? I don’t have many gaps, most models have none, but to get some poses the way i wanted i have slight gaps. My tank also has a slight one on the front of the main chassis. The bottom piece had warped a bit and it made it tough to glue it together right, and when i got it right it still managed to separate a bit due to the warping…

5 thoughts on “Building an Army: Day 3”

  1. I personally do not think I would worry about it too much. Depends how perfect you want them looking. I wish I could give insight into this however all my fantasy set miniatures came in one piece mostly.

  2. Nope, I assembled all my stuff without using any of the “green stuff”. Most gaps will be filled by primer, and everything else you can just put more glue in to have it melt the plastic a bit more to fill the gap.

  3. That’s the other thing, too: do you want table-quality or show-quality miniatures? I’ve had to stop myself from worrying too much over the finer details. I’m not making show-quality miniatures here, I’m just making stuff for playing.

  4. Well i don’t think it is feasible for me to aim for show quality. That kind of skill will take some time to develop, but that being said i can’t just toss paint on and say “Done!” I will do the best i can.

    I think that is the way everyone looks at it, pretty much. I mean obviously i would love to produce show quality stuff, hehe. I think i would be happy with a nice medium between the two. A bit better then table quality but not as good as show quality since they will be man handled a lot.

    I am not too worried about the gaps really. Aslong as i can shave off as much excess as is possible so it all looks smooth and natural and do decent assembly and good enough paint i am happy.

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