Building an Army: Day 4

So yeah, that primer worked great…except for the fact i didn’t even have enough to finish priming my Leman Russ. It is 90% done, all i need to do is prime the top hatch, crewman, pintle mounted auto-cannon, and the spot light but i ran out of spray. Oh, and the two side mounted heavy bolters. The can i got was the biggest they had at $10 bucks. I might be able to shake a bit more out of it, but i doubt it. Sigh…

Didn’t get much done today. Still have nine troops to put together, i spent nearly two hours cutting, trimming, and shaving legs then decided to work on the tank. Looking pretty sweet though so far.

So that’s pretty much it for day 4. It is pretty fun working with the spray, it covers so well. Glad i used it instead of trying to paint on an undercoat with a brush. Thanks Curt 🙂

2 thoughts on “Building an Army: Day 4”

  1. Wow, you ran out of primer?! Did you prime your guys in batches of 5 or more? My primer lasted for almost my entire megaforce, which is like 40 guys, a couple of tanks, and a dreadnaught, not to mention all the starter set stuff.

    I guess paying a premium ($15!!!) for the GW stuff has it’s benefits, it lasts a bit longer!

    Grats that you’re making progress. I’ve decided to stop waiting for perfect weather to paint my guys and I’m going to paint them in the kitchen just like the starter set guys I painted. So, hopefully it won’t be too long before my army is assembled.

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