Google Calendar

By now you guys should’ve probably got a bunch of emails from Google regarding invites for Google calendars. I figured I’d add in the events calendar at long last so we can stay organized as a group. Obviously, there was some challenge in setting it all up and there still is. I originally shared my own calendar, but it was including personal events (doctor’s appointments, etc) and I’d really like it to be a bit cleaner than that. So I created a new calendar and invited everyone to have access to it, and that’s the one you see shared here. Unfortunately, things still aren’t quite working as planned. Carl tried adding an event earlier and it seems it added it to my own personal calendar, not the site’s calendar.

Just thought I’d give everone a heads up. I’m sure once everything’s working as planned it’ll work great, we just need to sort it all out.

UPDATE: Alright, everything seems to be squared away. Hopefully you guys didn’t have to agree to too many public calendar invites. Now when you add an event to the calendar, and set it to public, it should show up on the website. This should help us keep everything organized (for D&D in particular).

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