The Bling Gnome!!!


Saw this game at EB yesterday called Dungeon Runner’s, looked pretty entertaining but didn’t want to spend the $19 on it without reading a bit about it. Apparently it is totally free, you can even just download it for free and play. Only thing is if you don’t become a “premium” player you are not allowed to get really good items and stuff. Kinda weird.

I may try the free version see how it plays. I don’t remember hearing anything about this game, apparently it was a big hit when it came out last year. Has a small player base but scored high in reviews and such.

Anyways, thought people might get a kick out of this video. It’s to promote a new in game “Item” you get if you buy the retail version. Enjoy.

P.S. For some reason i couldn’t make the youtube video work like everyone else can on the site. Booooo!

Curt’s P.S.: That should do the trick.

3 thoughts on “The Bling Gnome!!!”

  1. Wow, that is sooooo weird. I was on their page yesterday watching the bling gnome video when I was looking for a free RPG for my brother. (He keeps trying to get me to play NWN)

  2. Fixed it.

    NWN is a great game (not the 2nd one though, unfortunately), but after playing things like WoW, I find the interface so damn hard to use by comparison.

    Though it’s not out yet, your brother may be interested in Mythos: It’s like Diablo, only with more MMO elements. I’m actually in the beta, but haven’t played it in awhile. 😉

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