Visual Blog of “Building an Army” Series!

So i am finally sitting down to put a few pics up of my adventures so far in warhammer miniature modeling. They are nothing to amazing just yet, but it is better then nothing. So without further ado!

By the way, the flash media thingy is annoying. It would not let me sort my photo’s in the order i wanted! So the pics are not in order. Clicking on the pic will open a window with the pic and the description and title, those will help explain it a bit.

3 thoughts on “Visual Blog of “Building an Army” Series!”

  1. Hehe, good stuff. The treads on my tanks were a downright nightmare cause I’d end up putting the wrong track-sections in the wrong place and have to pry them off before the glue fully dried. I planned them out ahead of time and everything, but still managed to screw it up. 😉 I’m sure they’ll all look fine once painted though.

  2. My treads went on pretty well. I spent about 30 mins making sure i had them lined up properly. I started with the top tread, while i was holding it in place to dry with the glue i held the pieces on either side of it in place also to line it up right, then picked a direction and glued all around.

    I only had a minor issue with one small area having very slight gaps in between the tread sections. Shouldn’t be very noticeable once it is all painted.

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