Why I’ve Been So Silent

So, as I know you’ve all mentioned on the site recently, I’ve been very inactive around here and have not yet submitted any characters for the campaigns that have been proposed. I have been very interested in playing many if not all of these campaigns and have even started making one or two characters, but haven’t been able to complete them yet.

The big reason I’ve been so silent lately has been my dad. As a couple of you may know, he hasn’t been well lately and has been acting very much unlike himself. My dad has been convinced he owns and operates some sort of antique business and has been spending unhealthy amounts of money to support this idea. Most of this has been used to purchase low-quality pieces of worn-out and used chip-board furniture that is then negelected and left to rot out in the rain. These delusions have been preventing my dad from eating properly or taking his much-needed medications. My sister and I have been spending a lot of time driving back and forth to Pincourt to check in on him and try to intervene in this self-destructive spiral.

This recently hit a new level of risk when my dad began taking forrays into the woods after midnight often wearing only a pair of underwear. We have a theory that one or more of these were to bury his dog Chloe as she has been missing for two weeks and was a very old and unhealthy dog.

The most recent development was last Sunday when my sister and I took our dad in to Lakeshore General Hospital for a plethora of physical and mental health issues (his behaviour, weeping wounds on this arms, chest and legs, swollen red feet, swollen testicles and scrotum, etc…). As it stands he has been admitted to Lakeshore and is being monitored and will be treated and given a full psychological evaluation. He will likely be there for another week or two, depending on progress and what we can determine by speaking with a social worker we have been in contact with.

In the meantime, my sister and I have been going to his place every couple days and have taken on the very extensive task of cleaning his house up as the combination of left-out food, spilled liquids and dilapidated and old furniture have made the house dangerous not only for him but anyone else who enters the house. We made lots of progress on Monday when we were last there and are going back today to continue work on getting the house in order. We are hoping that by the time we find out exactly what is going to be done concerning our dad, that my sister and I will have the house fully cleaned up and possibly even painted if we are able.

So, that’s the long and short of it. Sorry I haven’t been on so much and haven’t let you guys know about all this sooner. Though I felt you guys deserved to know where I’ve been, so here I am.

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been So Silent”

  1. No harm, no foul chief.

    We have all been going through a lot of shit, whether it be someone else, work, our own health. The important thing is you take good care of those in need. Gaming is there on the side and we’ll all be waiting. Also given the subject matter I do not blame you for the lack of communication. It’s tough enough especially when it’s your respective parents.

    Hang in there Johnny, when I am back in shape and there is anything you need let me know. If you are in Pincourt and wanna chill sometime then you can swing by the house even if Deb / Bri are with you.

  2. Yeah, no worries at all. Nobody was angry or anything. If anything, we were more concerned, so this allays our worries somewhat.

    That said, if there’s anything you need, let us know.

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