So what is up?

Hello scooby gang, how is everyone doing? I see from Curt things are going great and it has made my day. How are the jobs, job searches, things in general going?

Things are OK on my side. As everyone knows things have been going iffy and in marriage counselling. Had the first session on friday which was positive. It still feels weird going to one but I hear it is pretty common these days. The counsellor herself seem’s really nice and experienced. I figure finding a good counsellor is like shopping for a car. You need to find one that will suit the families needs.

Aside from that I have played Braid which is surprisingly tough. Maybe my noggin is just mush these days. Also almost finished Bionic Commando Rearmed. Very awesome remake. The controls are iffy at times onthe 360. Probably would be better on a PS3 but still otherwise amazing.

Things at work could be better. Pretty much coming to the realization I add little value or so they are giving the impression despite my workload. So I am indeed actively looking elsewhere. It is just very hard to find something in this period. Most likely after labour day it will be better suited to finding something.  It is a shame too as otherwise the job is fine but I compare it to being a janitor who only knows he will ever be a janitor if he stays where he is. Some might like that comfort but not me.

So yeah, on to you all now 🙂

Gmail and SSL

A tool that automatically steals IDs of non-encrypted sessions and breaks into Google Mail accounts has been presented at the Defcon hackers’ conference in Las Vegas. Last week, Google introduced a new feature in Gmail that allows users to permanently switch on SSL and use it for every action involving Gmail, not just authentication. Users who did not turn it on now have a serious reason to do so, as Mike Perry, the reverse engineer from San Francisco who developed the tool, is planning to release it in two weeks.

To turn this on, go into Settings, and then at the bottom turn on “Always use HTTPS” beside Browser Connection.

And if you use Notifier at all, then you need this patch for it to continue working.

From Slashdot

Warhammer Online Open Beta Details

This finally clears up some of the confusion regarding the open beta. The August 15th thing was that people could create their accounts and download the client if they’ve preordered before, but the beta only actually starts on the 7th of September.

The open beta begins September 7 and is open to anyone who pre-orders the game from EA’s “select retail partners.”

From Game | Life

The Backloggery

Besides having one of the awesomest names for a site ever, this looks like a pretty snazzy tool for keeping track of your backlog of games.

Play a lot of video games? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated a backlog over the years. Sure, you’ve been meaning to go back and play them but it seems like there’s always something getting in the way. Work? School? Family? Even those pesky new games that keep coming out before you’ve finished the last one. How are you supposed to keep up? Nevermind trying to get through the old ones in your backlog!

What you need is a little motivation. What gamer doesn’t like to look over their stats and celebrate the milestones as they progress toward a goal? That’s where we come in. We’ll keep track of everything for you so you’ll know what you’ve done and what still needs your attention. Inputting your games is quick and easy. No slow, endless lists to search through. Just type it in and go!

The Backloggery

Creative Vectors

A while back, I came up with the “One sentence character concept”, which basically followed this format: A (descriptive) (role) is trying to (do something). A forlorn detective is trying to run away from his past. A heartbroken ninja is trying to overthrow the Empire. An untested new superhero is trying to know her friends from her enemies.  Basically, each character concept is a creative vector for play.

From Deeper in the Game and part two is here

Some Still Believe the Earth is Flat

“The BBC reports on a scientific community still holding to flat earth theories. From their article: ‘Are there any genuine flat-earthers left? Surely in our era of space exploration — where satellites take photos of our blue and clearly globular planet from space, and robots send back info about soil and water from Mars — no one can seriously still believe that the Earth is flat? Wrong. Flat earth theory is still around. On the internet and in small meeting rooms in Britain and the US, flat earth believers get together to challenge the ‘conspiracy’ that the Earth is round.'”

via Slashdot

Lucas Researching Concept for New Indiana Jones

Not only is he working on a new Indiana Jones concept, I like the little tidbit at the end: Shia LaBeouf is NOT going to be the main character. It’s still good old Harrison Ford. That’s reassuring to me.

“According to George Lucas, ‘The franchise really depends on me coming up with a good idea. And that series is very research-intensive. So we’re doing research now to see if we can’t come up with another object for him to chase … hopefully we’ll come up with something.’ Lucas ‘scoffed at the possibility of passing the famed fedora from Ford to Shia LaBeouf,’ instead stating, ‘if [Harrison Ford] wasn’t in it, you’d have to call it “Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis.”‘”

Via Slashdot