So what is up?

Hello scooby gang, how is everyone doing? I see from Curt things are going great and it has made my day. How are the jobs, job searches, things in general going?

Things are OK on my side. As everyone knows things have been going iffy and in marriage counselling. Had the first session on friday which was positive. It still feels weird going to one but I hear it is pretty common these days. The counsellor herself seem’s really nice and experienced. I figure finding a good counsellor is like shopping for a car. You need to find one that will suit the families needs.

Aside from that I have played Braid which is surprisingly tough. Maybe my noggin is just mush these days. Also almost finished Bionic Commando Rearmed. Very awesome remake. The controls are iffy at times onthe 360. Probably would be better on a PS3 but still otherwise amazing.

Things at work could be better. Pretty much coming to the realization I add little value or so they are giving the impression despite my workload. So I am indeed actively looking elsewhere. It is just very hard to find something in this period. Most likely after labour day it will be better suited to finding something.  It is a shame too as otherwise the job is fine but I compare it to being a janitor who only knows he will ever be a janitor if he stays where he is. Some might like that comfort but not me.

So yeah, on to you all now 🙂

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  1. I’m glad that things on the home front are looking positive. Over the past six months or so I’ve been learning that alot of things in this world that we assume to be abnormal aren’t.

    Don’t feel bad about Braid. While I’ve beaten it, there’s a few puzzles I just didn’t “get”. I had to use walkthroughs from YouTube to get past those and I felt like an idiot for it, but without a tutorial sometimes, it just won’t come to you. We all think differently about different things, and that game more than any other really requires you to think like the developer. Still though, very awesome game.

    As for Bionic Commando, are you using the analog stick or the d-pad? The 360s d-pad is garbage, so I didn’t even bother when it came to BCR and I got really good with just using the analog stick. The only trouble I would have sometimes with the controls were trying to thrust the arm in certain directions on purpose and failing. I don’t think the controls would be any easier (for me anyway) on the PS3, cause I’d probably still use the analog stick on there as well. I’m glad that the controls are almost identical to the ones from the NES version. It’s such a good remake and I’m glad they did their best to change very little (including the insane difficulty!).

    As for work, that’s basically what happened to me at Blackbook. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I sucked it up and left. I’m so happy I did too, as this new job is like a million times better and I’m not in the honeymoon phase, so to speak. It really is genuinely a better job. I look forward to coming to work in the morning, not 5pm to roll around.

    As for me, I’ve not been up to alot lately. I don’t know why, but I felt like trying my hand at the dating thing again, so I registered on Lavalife and eHarmony on Tuesday and on the latter I was matched with a girl who shared alot of my interests. We chatted through their guided system pretty quickly, basically saying what we did and didn’t want out of a relationship and then started chatting full-on by the next day. She’s got the same odd sense of humour as me and is very much a music geek. In short, we get along really well. So on Saturday we had our first date. We met at a little chinese restaurant called C’est Bon on Yonge street in Toronto. At first I was a little put off cause, of course, she wasn’t quite like the mental image I’d built up from her profile picture, but we still hit it off and after food decided to go see Tropic Thunder (awesome, BTW!). Then some stuff happened and I only got home at 5am. Suffice it to say, it was a good first date. Then, Sunday, just kicked around until evening at which I went over to her place and we had dinner and watched some of the Life of Brian (she’s never seen any Monty Python). I say some cause she passed out. She was tired from the night before, obviously.

    And that is that. Is it true love? I’m not completely sure yet, to be honest. But I’m having a good time just the same.

  2. Well thats the important thing. Enjoy it sir.

    Yeah life is definitely not what you ideally imagine it to be. I mean in the span of the year I accomplished what most people do over a 10 year or more span a lot of which is is turmoil. Just a note to all to never do what I did in such a short span.

    I cannot say I regret anything though as I am a believer that things happen generally for a reason. I was mulling my job satisifaction for a few months and now seemingly the shit is hitting the fan. In my favor for once so thats always good.

    I think lately I am just discovering myself again. And I guess it related to other issues as well. We all get taken in by the daily grind that we just get chewed up and spat out.

    So now I am at a point of trying to remember who I was, can I find him, can I make connections happen again where they were and what can I overall do to make things better to be happy in life. All of which is not easy.

    I am glad though that eharmony worked out so far. I hope things develope. These days I just love hearing about positive things happening to people. Not that I enjoyed the negative Mwahahaha

    But yeah our initial expectations are not always what we had in mind but they do tend to work our and exceed what we had in mind in the long run.

  3. That’s really cool about the dating thing, Curt, sounds like what I did a year and a half ago (and what led me to, eventually, meeting Deb), which we all know worked out great for me after almost half a year of emotional roller-coaster rides. And it’s good to find someone who understands you and shares your hobbies and interests, so keep it up Curt. If it doesn’t work out with this girl, then keep on trying, that’s what I did. I met a dozen or so women over my brief dating period before finally finding Deb. And look at how happy I am now.

    And Carl, don’t worry about finding who you were and trying to be that guy again, you’re a different person now, for the better, I’d think, and that’s just part of life. Without a doubt, find what makes you happy now, and focus on that. Find things you and Marie and Lucas can do as a family. Marie is almost certainly going through post-natal depression, it’s a common thing and will pass eventually, even faster if you can help keep all your spirits up by doing things together, things you’ll all enjoy. You live close to Quinn’s Farm, go there for a hay ride and enjoy the nice weather, anything really.

    As for me, things are going well, been looking for a job, got a few calls here and there one from Adecco, another from an old co-worker from Ajilon who was going to bring my CV into another company. So there are prospects. Aside from that been trying to take care of things with my dad, he’s got appointments that need to be made but no medicare card and no ID to get one, so it’s tricky.

    As for the home front things are great. Deb and I have started to get back into gaming together, we recently downloaded those Classic 4 packs for the DS (Monopoly, Yahtzee, Boggle, Clue, Etc…) and have been playing those wireless together, which has been a lot of fun and a good way to spend time together. We’re all very happy (even Bry too, though he still complains a lot, but he’s 6 so it’s expected). So yeah, things are good with me.

  4. Oh yeah, Braid is, as previously stated, fucking awesome. Really hard, had to use a FAQ a few times ’cause I was ready to rip my hair out on some puzzles. But still so worth it, and you feel like an uber genius when you manage to finally figure out a puzzle on your own.

  5. Yeah, I totally agree with John. It’s very likely that Marie’s suffering from Post Partem (Post Natal, or what have you) depression. You can’t shrink from this. You need to really work at it. What you’ve built up over the years, including this past year, is very valuable. I also agree that maybe finding something fun for you all to do together would be a good idea. Going to the zoo, or having a potluck with friends of hers and yours, or something, or going down to the locks in Ste Anne’s and walking around; like John said: anything that involves you both (or three).

    Good to hear things are still going good on your end, John. I’m taking the whole dating thing very casually. I don’t absolutely need anyone in my life, but it would be nice. I just figured that now that I’m feeling better about myself (ie: no shit job), that I’d start exploring, as it were, and so far it’s been a pretty positive experience.

    Lastly, again, Braid is awesome, and you do indeed feel like a genius when you solve a tricky one all on your own. Don’t forget that Castle Crashers is hitting XBLA on Wednesday for 1200pts!

  6. Work is good, getting a raise soon…didn’t take long. Insurance kicks in soon so i can actually see the dentist again! Looking forward to going back to school in October.

    Angie and i are going down to North Bay this weekend, leaving Saturday and coming back Monday. We have bit the bullet, and unless a miracle happens, we will be getting our own place in November.

    Ordered the first two seasons of heroes yesterday for about $30 a pop on amazon. Should be seeing tropic thunder maybe tomorrow.

    All in all things are going well. trying to swing the extra cash for a new tripod and a decent flash unit for my camera. If i can get some decent stuff done soon i may be entering into a few contests in PhotoLife magazine…see how that goes.

    If i am lucky and my math is right i should be debt free by march. very excited.

    now i just need to find time to paint my imperial guard so i can start adding more to my army!

    So that’s me in a nutshell right now, can\t complain (too much) and am pretty darn happy on the whole 😀

  7. LOL I meant dicktionary but yes. You can hit her with complex words(verbally lol) for hours. Or if you like it rough I suppose beat her with the dictionary in which case I suggest Petit Robert. Great grip and somewhat aero dynamic. It’s a lot of fun…ok not really

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