Sergeant unveiled!!!

Fruits of my labor!
Fruits of my labor!

So this is my Sergeant. My original color scheme had the brown actually as a shade of orange, but in the end i figured i wanted something a bit more practical and realistic. So i started with a base coat of Mordian Blue for the armor and Calthan Brown for the fatigues. I then went over the armor with Shadow Grey, the fatigues then got dosed with Snakebite Leather. For the highlights (or the attempted highlights) i hit a hint of Space Wolves Grey to the armors edges and for lack of other options highlighted the fatigues with a light dab of Tallarn Flesh.

Not 100% satisfied with the job on the fatigues, the highlights and shades are not super noticeable (especially in this photo) but overall i am very happy with how it all has turned out so far. I may add a slight hint of Gunmetal over the armor to simulate scraps and dings in the armor for wear and tear. I did that in the begginning over the Mordian Blue and it looked pretty snazy.

The skin has not worked out too anything to dramatic yet, picked up some Dwarf Flesh, so hopefully can make it a touch more dramatic later on.

Looking forward to getting some feed back. i know it is just one image, but i will have more up soon.

How goes it?

How goes it folks? Well I know what’s up with one person today lol Which is definitely good news to hear. But what about everyone else?

Things have been good on my end. Really good actually. Lucas is getting bigger and doing a lot more stuff. He sits up now, rolls around. Just needs to get the crawling going. Said his first words and no it was not Dad or Cthulhu. He has started showing his shy side a bit which is terribly cute as well as being even more active (oh god when does it stop!!). Honestly it has been a rewarding experience to see all the changes. I think I appreciate it more though. I think before I saw things in a very chore perspective. Babies are highly involving and require so much attention that at times yes you can be bitter that you cannot effectively handle all you used to do. And that takes a time but well worth it.

Been playing on and off Warhammer. Freaking awesome game as most of you know. I am currently Level 10 and Rank 7 for RVR/PVP. I am having so much fun actually as it’s a very communal game. Seem’s like a more mature-ish crowd and everyone is helpful for the WAR. I like how I can participate also in PVP activities without being owned or ganked and whatnot. It’s how things should be really. I know that when I get brutally crushed it’s not because of gear mostly or level but a combination of things. If I am a magic user I should expect to be crushed by a tank class no problem. The ToK is of course my fav thing with all the history in it and odd ball acheivements. All in all an awesome experience.

Aside from that though I cleared out the garage yesterday so mostly unpacked. Now it will just be painitng throughout the house. That should be a big job in itself but will be a definite change from white walls. Only so many years you can handle white walls.  I cannot say I have done much else however as there is little time in between finding fun time and work.

Great news!

So, as you may or may not already know at this point, I proposed to Deb this weekend and she of course said yes. So we are going to be getting married. We are aiming for June 21st next summer if all goes well. So we are really happy about that, and so is everyone we’ve told so far, which is nice, too.

Also, I just got a new job doing on site desktop support for an investment firm here in Montreal, pays much better than any job I’ve had before, too. 🙂 Just wanted to share the great news with you all who hadn’t heard yet.

Jack Thompson Disbarred

Is it finally game over for Florida lawyer and violent video game opponent Jack Thompson? Judgment has been entered in the case that started last year and came to a head when Judge Dava Tunis recommended permanent disbarment for the bombastic, showboating law man. The court has approved the report and has ordered that JT is official disbarred as of 30 days from today.

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File this under WTF?

Being the geeks we are, this… somehow came up in conversation at work this morning and I thought it was just weird enough that I’d share. I give you: Pork Brains in Milk Gravy. It’s like a double whammy of grossness. What’s more, but it’s got 1170% (that’s not a typo) of your daily recommended colesterol!


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The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight

Here ya go, folks: the Monday Music video. This week it’s one of the bands who we saw at Virgin Fest on the weekend. I’d heard this song from them before, but nothing beyond that. Thankfully, the rest of their set was great. Enjoy!