Sergeant unveiled!!!

Fruits of my labor!
Fruits of my labor!

So this is my Sergeant. My original color scheme had the brown actually as a shade of orange, but in the end i figured i wanted something a bit more practical and realistic. So i started with a base coat of Mordian Blue for the armor and Calthan Brown for the fatigues. I then went over the armor with Shadow Grey, the fatigues then got dosed with Snakebite Leather. For the highlights (or the attempted highlights) i hit a hint of Space Wolves Grey to the armors edges and for lack of other options highlighted the fatigues with a light dab of Tallarn Flesh.

Not 100% satisfied with the job on the fatigues, the highlights and shades are not super noticeable (especially in this photo) but overall i am very happy with how it all has turned out so far. I may add a slight hint of Gunmetal over the armor to simulate scraps and dings in the armor for wear and tear. I did that in the begginning over the Mordian Blue and it looked pretty snazy.

The skin has not worked out too anything to dramatic yet, picked up some Dwarf Flesh, so hopefully can make it a touch more dramatic later on.

Looking forward to getting some feed back. i know it is just one image, but i will have more up soon.

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  1. I like it alot! Very well done, and I prefer the colour scheme as it is. I think the blue and orange wouldn’t have looked very good, particularly for a rugged IG army. The highlights turned out really nice! I don’t usually have good luck doing the highlights the way they recommend (basically doing thin lines at the top edges of things), so I still find some slight dry brushing gets the effect I’m looking for the best. That said, I haven’t done the highlighting on most of my megaforce just yet, so I’ve got time to experiment with what I think works best.

    Don’t worry about his face, it looks fine to me. Maybe try and get his eyes to look white or something, but beyond that his skin looks natural (at least, it does in the picture).

  2. Thanks guys!

    I cheated a bit with the highlights, some parts came out to thick so i then had to drybrush over them with Shadow Grey to tone them down a bit.

    His eyes are actualy white, but they don’t stand out aswell right now cause i accidentally toned them down when i retouched his face.

    The blue las pisol and chain sword isn’t too much you think?

  3. I don’t think so. I think of it more as his personal weapons of destruction which are catered to his taste. (ok I am getting too deep into this I think lol)

  4. It’s hard to say. I’m not sure what colour might make the lasgun and chainsword look better.

    My marines have white and silver chainswords and boltguns/heavy weapons, which is their secondary colour and I think it works out pretty good; but they’d look just fine with black or boltgun-metal weapons as well (which is how I had them when I visited).

  5. Awesome, thanks guys for your thoughts. Hopefully i will have a few more done up tonight. I have a whole mess of guys in varying stages of completion.

    I am trying to mass produce now, so i am applying base coats to as many as possible then will do the second stage, then the final touches.

    Want to try and have them done within the next week or two at the most. Then i can work on some terrain features and maybe investigate picking up a command squad.

  6. Don’t know if i am just being too rough with my detail brushes or what, but they don’t seem to have as long of a life span as i had hoped.

    The tips become frayed and split, making them not to good for the fine touches after about 2 good uses…

  7. Make sure you only ever get paint on the tip of the brush. If it gets into the ferrule (the metal bit), it’ll make all the bristles jut every which way. Also, when you wipe them off, make sure to roll the brush head into a point as you drag it across a paper towel (or whatever you use to dry them).

    My brushes don’t last very long either, though they do last at least through about 10-20 miniatures. I also picked up this stuff (I’m not sure what it is exactly) from a hobby shop near where I live that you can just dip a brush head into, then let it sit, and it’ll completely remove whatever paint is on the brush. Very handy for “resurrecting” brushes.

  8. Nice, I am buying a new brush today and i want this one to last. The others are still usable just not for small detail work.

    I was doing the rolling thing, but i did accidentally dip my brushes deeper then intended into the paint a few times. So maybe that was what truly killed my brushes.

    I guess this stuff you mentioned is some kind of paint thinner?

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