Tilt-Shift Video makes things look like miniatures

This is REALLY cool. There’s a couple of videos of it in action on Gizmodo here. I’d embed them here, but I don’t think they’d play nice with the width of the page. đŸ˜‰ Just keep in mind that this is not a film of miniatures, it’s actually real life, but the way it’s filmed it LOOKS like stop motion miniatures.

18% of Consumers Can’t Tell HD from SD

To be honest, I would’ve thought even more people couldn’t tell the difference. Of course, this isn’t a scientific study, it’s a phone survey, so it’s not necessarily completely accurate. I can’t say I’m surprised though. While my TV isn’t true HD (it’s 1080i instead of 1080p), I found it hard to tell the difference when it came to DVDs. Games I notice a big difference, but not movies.

A recent survey by the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) shows that 18 percent of HDTV owners think they’re watching high-definition shows, when in fact they’re viewing standard definition programming. The findings are based on a telephone survey of 1302 U.S. households.

via PC World

Since when do Squid have elbows?

I’d say it’d be since Shell (the oil company) found this one (click for video!). Apparently scientists have known about this kind of squid before, just they’d never captured one on film. Sure sure, they’re hiding it from us. Before you know it, we’ll be attacked by giant walking squid that can shoot laser beams from their beaks, raining destruction down upon our defenseless cities!

A mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) underwater, a remote control submersible’s camera has captured an eerie surprise: an alien-like, long-armed, and—strangest of all—”elbowed” Magnapinna squid.

7 Million

Rather than the guns ‘n’ hos approach of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, 7 Million looks to be taking its cues from Ocean’s Eleven, Thief and Leverage – crime with style, in other words, with a refreshing lack of violence and emphasis on skill and planning.

Now this is an interesting concept for an MMO. While I can’t say it’ll be any good, I like it when companies try to break the mould. This one kind of strikes me as a similar sort of thing for MMOs as The Ship was for shooters. I’ve signed up for the beta (though the buttons are in German, it seemed simple enough), mainly cause I’m a beta whore. đŸ˜‰

More via Kotaku and you can sign up for the beta here.


Hey folks, I decided to add Gravatar support to the site. What’s a Gravatar, you ask? Why, it’s a universal avatar not tied to any one particular site. It’s actually made by the people who made WordPress, but once you set your avatar up, you’ll end up using it on any Gravatar-supporting site. Cool, eh?

Go here, register, set up your picture, and give it about 5-10min to take effect. It doesn’t quite integrate with this theme as much as I might like, but if I can find the time to, I’ll be making some changes to the theme to make it more my own and to integrate the avatars a bit better.

Let me know what you guys think!


I finally have completed Lost Odyseey. I managed to complete this on sunday. To say the least the story is excellent however the end grind was kind of long. I got this special item called Nullify all Elements which to it’s name made me invulnerable to all spells of fire, earth, water, wind. This made the last boss really easy. In fact it was so easy that the pre-end boss was probably harder. Not sure why the difficulty skewed so much but hey a victory is a victory. The ending wrapped things up nicely too but was surprised at all the freaking load times and the annoyance of when watching a long cut scene if you leave your remote unattended pauses everything.

So now I started playing Condemed. Awesome game though kinda of misses the mark a bit. Like you have some CSI tools at your disposal but use them very infrequently and serve no tangible purpose. I also would have preferred more realistic CSI tools. Seem’s kind of Star Trekkie kind of stuff. Another thing which irritates the hell out of me is reused textures. Essentially all buildings / subways /anywhere on the planet looks like a slum. And on the grounds are the same freaking textures!! But it has great atmosphere though.

So basically playing a few quick games before jumping into another RPG game on massive scale. I think after Condemed might give the PS3 a whirl (Finally). I think more of less my 360 games are slowly up to date play wise. The ones I do have to play are more your epic length games so yeah, putting those on the back burner.

And aside from all that I painted the living room with my dad over the weekend. It’s now all orange and I am also in the process of putting the tree up. Go holidays! What is up with everyone else?

The Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon

I had my company Christmas party this weekend and the DJ was taking requests, but I foolishly deigned from suggesting anything cause I figured it’d be too obscure. After what he ended up playing, I was kicking myself for not requesting anything. I think this song would’ve made a good one to dance to, so it’s been stuck in my head for the remainder of the weekend, so I figured why not make it the Monday Music Video?


NXE Avatars

Hey, check it out, you can actually view New Xbox Experience avatars right online. Just put in the following address (where GAMERTAG is the, you know, gamertag of who you’re looking up, obviously):


Here’s me!

Carl and John are after the jump. As of this writing, Chris hasn’t updated his yet.

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Hello boys!

Hey hey!

So to make it all official Angie and i are looking to head down to the TO area Dec 19th to visit friends & family, we will be staying the weekend, most likely heading back to MTL on the Mon the 22nd to enjoy the rest of our week off and Christmas.

I was wondering who would be up for a trip to Medieval Times on Sat the 20th at 7:30pm or even Sun the 21st for 4:00pm. We would need to be there about an hour and a half before the start time, like last time we went. Again i would get all the tickets in advance at the same time (again i would be aiming for front row, so that would run about $95 after tax per person, the price went up a little bit).

I know that Angie, myself, and one of Angie’s friends that lives in Oakville will be attending.  I am now extending the general invite to those in the GTA, ie Curt, Elly, Joe, and any others that wish to come. Also the invite is of course good for anyone else from MTL area that wants in, although i cannot gaurantee a lift to TO for people at this time. Those details would still need to be ironed out.

Hoping people are free that weekend, i know it is close to the holidays, but thought we could all use this especially after talking about it at Carl’s a few weeks back when you TO boys were down.  So let me know what you all think and we can start looking at making things official, also let me know which day would be preferred the Sat or the Sun show. Angie and I are good with either, so whatever works for your schedules is fine by us.

Iron & Wine – The Trapeze Swinger (Live)

Joe and I are going to see Iron & Wine tonight, and so I’ve been listening to the music again to get into the swing of things, and I thought I’d share this video I found on YouTube awhile back that is a shining example of what’s so great about their music. I hope you guys like it too.