I finally have completed Lost Odyseey. I managed to complete this on sunday. To say the least the story is excellent however the end grind was kind of long. I got this special item called Nullify all Elements which to it’s name made me invulnerable to all spells of fire, earth, water, wind. This made the last boss really easy. In fact it was so easy that the pre-end boss was probably harder. Not sure why the difficulty skewed so much but hey a victory is a victory. The ending wrapped things up nicely too but was surprised at all the freaking load times and the annoyance of when watching a long cut scene if you leave your remote unattended pauses everything.

So now I started playing Condemed. Awesome game though kinda of misses the mark a bit. Like you have some CSI tools at your disposal but use them very infrequently and serve no tangible purpose. I also would have preferred more realistic CSI tools. Seem’s kind of Star Trekkie kind of stuff. Another thing which irritates the hell out of me is reused textures. Essentially all buildings / subways /anywhere on the planet looks like a slum. And on the grounds are the same freaking textures!! But it has great atmosphere though.

So basically playing a few quick games before jumping into another RPG game on massive scale. I think after Condemed might give the PS3 a whirl (Finally). I think more of less my 360 games are slowly up to date play wise. The ones I do have to play are more your epic length games so yeah, putting those on the back burner.

And aside from all that I painted the living room with my dad over the weekend. It’s now all orange and I am also in the process of putting the tree up. Go holidays! What is up with everyone else?

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  1. I’m right near the end of Fable 2, but haven’t been playing it very often lately. Mainly I’ve been spending my gaming time playing the new content in Wrath of the Lich King. Having a good time with that. This expansion seems to have the feel of WoW when I first started playing four years ago (wow, that’s a long time to play one game). No matter what MMO I play, WoW’s still the most comfortable and the most engaging for me, I find. I’m just taking things slowly, doing them at a very relaxed pace.

    I’ve also been playing a fair bit of LittleBigPlanet and I think I’m at the end of that too. The last few levels are HARD. Not quite Nintendo hard, but certainly getting close. The controls start to feel a little odd here. It’s very physics based, so momentum and grip and things like that have a strong effect on how your Sackboy moves. Unfortunately, when you get to the end, it almost becomes like precision platforming, which doesn’t play so nicely with the controls and physics.

    Beyond all this gaming, D&D got off to a great start last week. I’m really looking forward to the next session. It should be alot of fun to see what happens next in the village of Mossmantle. I’m really hopeful that this one will last a long while, partly because of it’s format, and partly because it feels like a good old fashioned (well, our kind of old fashioned, anyway) D&D game.

    Elly and I saw Quantum of Solace last weekend and it was great. I liked it better than Casino Royale, to be honest. Probably because it had a bit more purpose and (obviously) a more concrete conclusion. Last night we saw Role Models and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It actually portrays LARPers quite well.

  2. Haven’t been playing any games lately. Although i am looking to buy Wrath, Left 4 Dead, and possibly Call of Duty: World at War at some point soon.

    Been working on my project the last couple of days. It is coming along fairly well so far. I need to have four photo montages done and handed in on Monday. Out of the four i almost have three done, so i look to be roughly on schedule. Will have to have everything done by Friday night so i can get my prints on Saturday, then incase any corrections are needed i can have them redone for Sunday.

    This project has really shown me how badly i need a new system if i am going to be doing a lot of photoshop work over the winter. It’s horrible!

    Aside from that, as i mentioned in the shout box, i may have a photography apprenticeship starting in March (or there abouts). My sisters fiance’s cousin has her own photography business and she has been looking for help. She started in Toronto and has a few weddings to do out that way in the spring already. So i may end up in the GTA fairly often in 2009, if all goes well. Things are hopefully finally starting to turn around fo rme…knock on wood! lot’s of wood!

    And yes, looking forward to continuing Mossmantle! I have a dream, and that dream is to fight the coming of the night. To unite under one banner and be as one with my fellow man. To claim that sweet victory that is to play D&D twice in one week! It is coming, it will happen, heed these words! MUAHAHAHAHA!

  3. So I beat Condemed. It’s a mix bag really. It’s got great atmosphere and lots of things that don’t make particular sense and never really cleared up. But it did give me a few jumps every now and then and thats awesome because it’s rare that I get a good jump from a scary part.

  4. I’ve heard that the second one is much better and explains a bit more of what is going on. I can’t say for myself though, I’ve only ever played the demo for the first one. 😉 I have heard they can be very scary games, though.

  5. Wow I have to get the second because I sure want to know what just happened lol

    Not sure what I will play next. I got Blacksite Are 51 for $20. Figure it’s worth that price. So we will see how that goes. Finally put that PS3 to use. Will probably tackly Halo 3 after and then more on to MGS 3 & 4. Just wanted a few shorts before the big ones.

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