Hello boys!

Hey hey!

So to make it all official Angie and i are looking to head down to the TO area Dec 19th to visit friends & family, we will be staying the weekend, most likely heading back to MTL on the Mon the 22nd to enjoy the rest of our week off and Christmas.

I was wondering who would be up for a trip to Medieval Times on Sat the 20th at 7:30pm or even Sun the 21st for 4:00pm. We would need to be there about an hour and a half before the start time, like last time we went. Again i would get all the tickets in advance at the same time (again i would be aiming for front row, so that would run about $95 after tax per person, the price went up a little bit).

I know that Angie, myself, and one of Angie’s friends that lives in Oakville will be attending.  I am now extending the general invite to those in the GTA, ie Curt, Elly, Joe, and any others that wish to come. Also the invite is of course good for anyone else from MTL area that wants in, although i cannot gaurantee a lift to TO for people at this time. Those details would still need to be ironed out.

Hoping people are free that weekend, i know it is close to the holidays, but thought we could all use this especially after talking about it at Carl’s a few weeks back when you TO boys were down.  So let me know what you all think and we can start looking at making things official, also let me know which day would be preferred the Sat or the Sun show. Angie and I are good with either, so whatever works for your schedules is fine by us.

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  1. Sounds interesting and hankering for a visit down there but way to close to the holidays. Also with lift being problematic, finding an inexpensive via rail around the holidays is probably not too likely either. I’ll catch the next one 😉

  2. Sounds really neat, but sadly I won’t be able to swing that financially. Between saving up for the wedding and the Christmas season, I’m simply too short on cash to join in. But I hope you guys all have fun.

  3. Yeah, i knew it would be tricky for the montreal peeps being so close to x-mas and all. I had hoped the timing could have worked out better for everyone, but we will definately plan something more convientient for all after the holidays!

  4. Elly will not be able to join us for said festivities, as she’s doing the whole family thing that weekend. That said, I’m still down with the idea, though I just had the thought that maybe I should check to see if she might want me to join her visiting her family that weekend, I will have to find out.

  5. Could be neat, then more of us could go if it was after the holidays. I know Deb and Bry would love to go, they’ve already expressed that. The only problem is the timing for budgets and whatnot.

  6. Honestly John it would probably not be good for Bry. If he had a lot of problems with Carl’s cats, then all that smoke and the horses would be much, much worse. I would imagine anyways.

    I am not up to date on Bry’s health stand point, like if he has bad allergies or asthma or what. Thats just me thinking of the health aspect. I know last time was not easy on me, but i had my pumps and was just too damn excited to not go, lol.

    Unless i got it all wrong, then it’s all cool!

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