NXE Avatars

Hey, check it out, you can actually view New Xbox Experience avatars right online. Just put in the following address (where GAMERTAG is the, you know, gamertag of who you’re looking up, obviously):


Here’s me!

Carl and John are after the jump. As of this writing, Chris hasn’t updated his yet.

6 thoughts on “NXE Avatars”

  1. I don’t know, I think there’s more control over appearance with a Mii than with the avatars, but I like that the avatars have clothes that further define them. Obviously the avatars also just look better because they’re on the 360, which is more powerful, and because they’re newer (2 years later, and all).

  2. Yeah but even 2 years ago this type of design could have been done. And I am sure a more cell shaded type of character could have been done for Mii’s. I find the customization more with these avatars then the Mii even with the face. I heard some games will allow you to unlock more clothes in the future aside from purchasing clothes packs (which I find stupid).

  3. That’s true. Lost Winds demonstrated that the Wii is quite capable of rendering stuff like this (though I’m not sure if it wouldn’t stumble when inserting Miis into games that rendered things a bit differently). More than likely, though, it’s just that the style used in designing the Miis was more like what Nintendo was shooting for, rather than this. It’s entirely possible that they even considered having Miis look like this in the first place but decided to simplify things even more.

    I’m not looking forward to having to pay for virtual clothes, to be honest. They’re also bundling clothes with premium themes, which I suppose isn’t TOO bad, but it still sucks considering how little there is to choose from at the start.

  4. Yeah I am hoping more for clothes inserted into games which will be unlockable. I have this thing against pointless micro transactions like buying new gamer pics or premium themes which now you can only really see a 1/3rd of anyways lol

  5. Yeah, I feel sorry for anyone who bought an old premium theme. The new ones are made for the NXE and change a bit more than just the wallpaper, but still. They should have the option to turn off the grey disc that fills 2/3 of the screen, or at least to be able to make it semi-transparent.

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