How are things?

Hey guys, how are things going?

Things are not too bad over here. Been a very busy week all around. Had Johns engagement party last saturday which went really well followed by the company corporate christmas party. Was very cool and won an HBC gift certificate which got me Assasins Creed and Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3. Assassins Creed is very cool however it is also very repetitive.

My boss came down this past wednesday and thursday. It was a great experience as I got to spend a lot of time with him and pop ideas back and forth. So I got some projects lined up which are green lit which is always good and from what I understand a promotion to team lead in Q1 of 2009. This would mean a nice salary increase of 10-15k. Niiice! It also means I can do the position here which is a relief. Originally it was under the assumption that if I were up for such a position that I would be offered to relocate and thats just an arguement waiting to happen as I lean more towards it. But my boss specifically said he asked around and there was no reason a team lead couldn’t be based in Montréal. I more or less do the position now anyways minus the title and pay.  So thats incredibly good news.

It seem’s lately a lot of focus is career. I am kind of happy as while I liked what I was doing here it was sans recognition. But people have been paying attention and the more I am communicating with the senior level the more feedback I get that I have been on the radar for awhile now. At the christmas party I had a VP ask me my name, I introduced myself and there was a pause and a “I’ve heard really good things about you”. This was before the drinks started really flowing so it seem’s totally plausible lol

And oh god the hangover. I learned some really good and quick tips for hangover recover after 3 hours of sleep and having to go somewhere an hour later. Hydration and some sugar are your friends for these moments. Aside from that I am geared for the holidays. Just trying to get the house in order.

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  1. Very cool, congrats on the good news!

    As for me, not much is new since I last commented on one of these posts. Speaking of comments, please go set up your Gravatar with the email address you use on the site so you too can have a fancy little user picture for comments. 😉

    But back to the topic at hand: I’ve not been up to much. Cliff visited last weekend, which was fun. We hung out and played some games. Obviously the majority of it was Rock Band, which is always awesome. The visit was short lived, though, as Cliff needed to be back on the base by 8am on Sunday, so I drove him back Saturday night cause there’s no way in hell I’m getting up at 5am to drive to Borden. He’s in the military, not me. 😉

    I beat Fable 2 and LittleBigPlanet, so I’ve formally moved onto Fallout 3, though I haven’t been playing it alot. I’ve been sidetracked by WoW, mainly. It’s nice to be excited about playing it again, which is refreshing. Maybe it’s just cause the game originally came out this time of year, so it’s an associated memory thing, kinda like how John plays Thief 3 every December (speaking of which, are you playing it this time, John?). I’m also taking a much more casual approach and really enjoying the game for what it is. I could care less about leveling or gear, I just want to experience all the cool quests and find out what’s going on in the story. I regret losing sight of that in the past. Furthermore I’m also playing my low level Tauren Shaman again on Gilneas. We never really stuck with playing on other servers and PvP turned out to be a bit more of a headache than any fun, so I figured why not.

    D&D’s alot of fun, at least from my end of things. We had one of the more enjoyable TPKs the other night. The group tried to rout a clan of Goblins and due to cramped quarters and sheer numbers, the group didn’t come out of the warren alive. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves just as well, so it’s all good. We’ve got a new player: Mark. Not the same Mark from Blackbook (confusing, I know), but a guy I played D&D with at the Living Forgotten Realms event that the comic book shop in Markham held in October. A great player and very much in tune with our style of play, so it’s worked out better than I’d even imagined. It’s even more handy because attendance numbers have been pretty low overall, lately. Want to join us? 😉

    I haven’t yet started my Christmas shopping yet, which is probably cutting things a bit close, but I like to know what I’m getting everyone before I buy anything. I’m stubborn like that.

  2. Hey all! Things are good with me as well. Been busy with holiday and wedding related stuff. It’s been good, though. Deb and I are constantly tired from the running around but we’ve got eachother and Bry (often another source of exhaustion, but it’s cool) so we’re all good.

    Been playing lots of Fallout 3 and Fable 2, more of the former, lately. I’m loving them both. My primary character in Fable 2, as some of you may already know, got corrupted as my 360 froze up while auto-saving a couple weeks back. So of course I had to start over. My new hero, however already owns pretty much all of Bowerstone and is raking in more than 3500 gold every five minutes, so I’m expecting to see more than half a million gold on him when next I play, since it keeps going when you’re not playing. Not that I can use any of it at the point I’m at (if you’ve played it, you know what part I’m talking about).

    Fallout 3 is lots of fun, and much to my surprise the VATS aspect of the game never seems to get old. There’s just something so satisfying about watching my character, looking for all the world like a very determined Yahtzee Croshaw pumping rounds from his lever-action hunting rifle into an enemy in slow motion from various angles. I figure I’ll be very sandbox-happy with this one as I heard that unlike it’s predecessors, once you beat this Fallout, you can’t keep playing after.

    I’ve also been playing Chrono Trigger on the DS every day as I commute and I’m absolutely loving it. They basically cleaned up the PSX release of it (cutscenes and special features included) and ported it to the DS. They really integrated use of the touchscreen, well, too. You control the game in the traditional way, but can use the touchsceen to give Crono and co their combat commands or to go through your inventory, leaving the top screen crisp and unfettered, so no more dialogs blocking the pretty graphics. Overall it’s really well executed and the game also benefits from a new translation that is more true to the original Japanese script, I’ve heard. Frog doesn’t say “thee” and “thou anymore, but still speaks with an appropriate amount fo decorum befitting a knight from a medieval age.

    Lastly, I finally have some disposable income to spend on myself this week so I snapped up the new R4 SDHC from Divineo for only $20 as well as a guitar grip for my DS so I can play the GH games on the go. And since CanadaComputers is having a sale on Kingston 8gb Micro SDHCs, I snapped up one of those for $26.

    Overall, things are good, but this week looks like it’s going to be busy.

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