The Newest Year Yet

So, 2008 is winding down, and it’s been quite the year. Alot of people around this time look to the future and make promises to themselves about changing something or achieving something in their life. That’s all good and well, but I’m thinking of the past. This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I started to think about how I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in the past. Here are the most memorable ones. Not necessarily the most PROUD ones, but certainly… memorable.  😉

One year, I remember vividly, I spent the night playing and beating Super Mario Bros. 3 while eating a whole bag of Doritos. I also remember getting a nosebleed while playing and not noticing until afterward when I saw that my hands, and my Nintendo controller, were covered in dried blood. But I didn’t care. Bowser, or as kids in the late 80’s, early 90’s called him: King Koopa, had been defeated by my hand. Clearly, my blood, sweat, and tears had been poured into the effort, as evidenced by my stained hands. And controller.

Another year, Neil and I spent New Year’s in World of Warcraft. We started the evening checking out the fireworks and revelry in Stormwind’s streets before taking the party to the somewhat quieter Booty Bay whereupon we sat on the highest point we could find in the pirate city before watching the fireworks. After that, we decided to get rip-roaring drunk (virtually), dress up in our tuxes (virtually), and proceed to fight any and every monster between Stranglethorn and Elwynn Forest with our fists (virtually). When back in Elwynn Forest we decided to use our Mechanical Greench pets from Christmas to battle one another, nearly killing each other in the process.

And then last year I saw fit to take an endurance test, of sorts: I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back. But not the theatrical releases, oh my no. No, these were the far-longer-than-reasonable Extended editions. By the end of the last movie, as Frodo and Samwise were about to cast the ring into Mordor, the ball dropped and the new year was reigned in. I must say, watching those movies in a row like that and feeling utterly exhausted, much like those hobbits did, gave the ball drop that much more gravity. I had done it, I had arrived in 2008 and cast the vile ring into the volcano. Or at least, it felt like it.

What about you guys, do you have any strong memories of New Year’s Eve from years past?

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  1. I obviously share the WoW experience, that was a blast. Even though most people would look at it as a sad state of affairs to spend New Year’s eve playing a game, i find the way they spend this day an equally sad state of affairs. Atleast i remembered my New Year’s.

    Another good one i remember fondly was renting and playing King of the Monsters for the SNES. It was my first game rental for the console. I had gotten the SNES for Christmas and been playing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past all week long and needed a change. So King of the Monsters it was. I played that all evening/night. As the ball dropped so did Ultraman, as i stomped his ass with Godzilla…along with the rest of what was presumably Tokyo. I then proceeded to watch a Howie Mandel comedy special, followed by a Get Smart marathon. It was one of the most memorable New Year’s i had.

    Another good one was coming home to find my mom drunk off her ass, not uncommon then or now. I was looking at a crappy New Year’s that year, until the phone rang. It was Chris (Slightly intoxicated himself) calling because his mom wanted to know if i wanted to come over and have New Year’s with them. I figured that as well timed and much appreciated. So my car was out of commision at that point, so i braved the ten block walk to his place nearly falling on my ass a few times due to ice. Arriving i was promptly handed a beer and we sat down to watch some UFC and movies and pigged out on a variety of munchies. That was the only year i ever actually had champagne to ring in the holiday. Chris’s parent’s know how to do things, lol.

    Those are really the only memorable ones i can think of right now. I think there was one or two others that were also really good, but they are not coming to mind right now.

  2. Honestly I can’t remember many at all. Past 5 years been doing it with Marie’s family and that pretty much consists of sitting at a table alone. Now it’s more entertaining as I can occupy myself with Lucas but it’s far from being with my family. Not that they do much special either.

    I remember once going to Curts after breaking up with Hannah. While the breakup obviously sucked at the time going to Curts made it better. I believe that night we hung out in the basement and I did Drake’s tower and buying stuff for it from wine to spices. Back then it was all priced out. I think that time we may have also started a solo game where I made a thief and that was just all around as it was crazy fast paced stuff but was just cool.

    As for resolutions this year I want to spend more time with you all. Just you know with things here not exactly all pink and cheerful. But it is my goal so hopefully I can achieve it. That and have a happier year then last.

  3. I remember that game with your thief, too. I don’t remember if we started it on a New Year’s, but it might’ve been. I wish I could remember the character’s name, though. The most I remember from that game was tumbling down a staircase that turned into a ramp, or something, and the NPC you were with having her lung punctured by a dagger along the way. Good times! 😉

    I’m not much for resolutions, but those sound like a good idea, Carl. I think that no matter how busy any of our lives become, we really should do our best to make time to spend together, whether it’s D&D, WoW, visits, or whatever; as long as we spend time together.

  4. I second that! Sometime soon i am planning to come down to TO. I am annoyed that all my plans to come down recently keep falling through, but the reasons are ones beyond my control.

    I have been working on my basement though, it is looking sexy! Most of the flooring is done, i had my brother in-law help me yesterday to set up my tv and sound system. I never noticed the difference of Blu-Ray before, but now it is so obvious how much clearer it is. The biggest thing is i don’t think a lot of stores properly configure their demo tv’s that display this stuff. Cause Rene confiured it all and wow, just wow.

    So next time people come down your crashing at my place, i will accept nothing less! lol.

    As for resolutions, well i don’t so much as set resolutions for the year. I pretty much just review the goals i have set for my life, if they happen that year or not doesn’t matter. They are what i hope to achieve one day and everyday i work towards them. No point waiting for one day of the year to say “from now on i work towards this goal!” If i see something i don’t like or that needs changing in my life, i will do what is needed right away (or ASAP anyways) not going to wait for next year.

    I do agree with the “we should set more time aside for the boys” idea though. I live 5 minutes away from Carl and we barely see each other! It’s craziness!

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