Weekend Hookup

Hey guys, Cliff tried reaching me last night it seem’s and wants to get together. He mentioned Chris being down too. So yeah, gimme a call. I am good to go anytime tonight or weekend. I will make sure the blackberry is on ring and not vibe so I don’t miss the call.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Hookup”

  1. I get in on the 20, which is tomorrow morning, so getting together this weekend might be a little difficult and seeing as how I haven’t done any chistmas shopping done, I may or may not be booked until the 24 if I can get it done fast enough. So I was thinking maybe the weekend after christmas or during the following week sometime. I leave for Victoria again on the 3 so the only weekend available is the one right after christmas.

  2. Crap, I’m going to be out of town the weekend immediately after Christmas in North Hatley. 🙁

    Maybe we can swing some kind of get-together one evening before or after that (aside, of course, from Christmas or boxing day, naturally). Even if it’s just a couple of us.

    I do know that I’ll be back from North Hatley by the 29th and that at some point we need to get you fitted for your tux for the wedding. So we should use the opportunity while you’re here.

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