How goes it?

How goes it everyone? Hope all is going well. Things are looking up over here. Things have been more on the up and up then they have been in a long time. So it’s creating overall positiveness.

Been painitng my Immolator on and off. It’s going quite well I suppose. White paint is not exactly easy to play with but otherwise things are too my satisfaction. Very basic stuff. On one section that is hidden I tried some black gesso primer diluted with a bit of water. I wanted to see the feasibility of using other non citadel products. It worked out really well and quite pleased with the texture. Basically one container of this gesso acrylic paint is equivalent to about 11 – 12 bottles of citadel paint. The Immolator itself is coming along. A few guns to paint and touch ups and it should be all done. Ready for the war…so then we need to paint the troops lol

Started playing Warhammer online. This came about by the painitng enthusiasm as well as a mix of both a book I am reading and some new information gleamed from the patch updates for the game. They have fixed a lot of things lately and pretty happy with it from my early goings. Now you may have heard that a lots of subs dropped off but thats probably normal considering that back then the game needed more oomph.  From what I am reading in interviews, see in patches is that it’s here and coming. Quests are being added, dungeons being added, two already new classes with two new ones on the way. All which were missing from release. In june there is a new area, that of the Tomb Kings which should be pretty awesome. I think it’s just very hard financially and perception wise to stay strong as an MMO against the WoW juggernaut. People don’t like to wait and see if it grows and I have a sense that along with missing elements is due to the recent drop off of subs.I also think the lack of official community site really burned them. But everyone learns I suppose as thats another thing on the way along with also the major cities that were cut. Essentially the game that should have come out which is kind of sad to say.

Either way I made a Knight of the Burning Flame. Picked a med pop server and begun the journey. Just some quickies I noticed was that performance has increased, more quests and a live event. It unfortunately ended just when I resubbed but there is another one starting which if you do whatever you can have early access to the new classes. One being the Orc Choppa! Should be interesting. I was able to do two public scenarios which were pretty cool.

Aside from that been playing Jericho. Cool game though kind of annoying. Basically you control a squad of soldiers who have powers of some sort. Your in an ancient city to fight this evil about to be released. The game itself is entertaining as I like the story. The game is setup in small levels which is good as you feel like you get more done and bad in the each one has a cut scene. This is good and bad depending on what I mentioned. One thing that is aggravating is there is not much controlling to do with your squad. So they die really easy and fast making you restart the level. This is my biggest aggravation as difficulty ranges from sleep walking to wtf just sat on me.

And yeah that pretty much it over here. Oh, go see Friday the 13th. Me and Neil went to go see it last friday obviously and it was fantastic. An awesome reboot with lots of easter eggs. It was actually kinda scary and not much cheese.

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  1. Hey!

    Well i don’t have much to add right now. Took today off cause i don’t work Feb 16th. Spent yesterday and this morning at my sister’s. Been painting a lot lately too. Almost done! Just need to finish two more heavy weapon teams and the leman russ.

    Just dropped off the nissan at the collision center. Thursday some bimbo rear ended me on the Sainte-Anne bridge. Claimed she didn’t see me in bumper to bumper traffic. No injuries. Met her on Saturday to fill out the joint report. She refused to give me her insurance info, but gave me everything else…she is retarded. If she doesnt give the insurance info to our company then she will be in more trouble. For now, until the car is fixed, i have a nifty little mazda 3. Since people everywhere are trying to kill me on the road i decided to take the extra insurance. Hopefully the nissan will be fixed quickly.

    Aside from that nothing else to really report. Oh, Friday the 13th was pretty damn good. lots of boobs, lots of killing. My only problem with it was that new Jason was not as creative with his killing like back in the day. A lot more straight forward. But they kept the “speed of Jason” alive and well!

  2. Things are going well. I went with Elly, Joe, and Sarah (Joe’s girlfriend) to go see the Von Bondies on Friday night. It was alot of fun, and they put on an amazing show. The lead singer was actually running the merch table and most people didn’t even notice. So after Elly went and bought a few things from him, I went over, bought their album on vinyl (he convinced me, as it was only $5 and comes with the CD), and had a little chat. I told them how I’ve been a fan for years, and he seemed legitimately surprised. He asked me if I had any requests, so I told him I’d love to hear Pawn Shoppe Heart, which he obliged, but on the condition that I go to the front of the crowd and sing along loud enough that the band could hear me, as the song was not a radio hit or anything, and they needed to get the crowd going. I said okay, but later chickened out. Besides, they didn’t need me to get the crowd going, they were really into the song anyway.

    Beyond that, I’ve not got much to report. Went on a bit of a spree and bought the Savage Worlds ruleset as well as the Castles and Crusades one. Neil and I tested out the former with a super-short hour and a half session that proved quite well how great the system is, and how useful it is to have the ruleset for FG2. I’m now looking forward to running all kinds of different games with this: zombie games, Masque of the Red Death, Company games, TMNT, etc. Basically anything modern or futuristic it would be perfect for. Heck, even fantasy it’d be great for, but we’ll leave that to D&D. 😉

    I finished Fallout 3 last night. Wonderful game overall. I’m going to probably play it a bit more to get the two sidequests I missed (I didn’t realize I was that close to the end) so I can mark it as “completed” on the Backloggery.

    Elly and I have been watching a bunch of documentaries lately. Of particular note was Jesus Camp. It’s about evangelical Christian summer camp for kids. I’d say it’s more like a horror movie than anything else. On a lighter note, though, we watched Spellbound. It’s a documentary about the spelling bees in the US. Great little movie. It was very positive, too, which was nice to see.

    As for painting minis, I took the weekend as a bit of a break, but I’m nearing the end of being done painting up my marines. I look forward to fielding my army, or even just putting them on display.

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