Jhonen Vasquez does a sorta-review of Flower

It really should come as little surprise that Jhonen Vasquez has a blog (and a Twitter account, it seems), but to be honest the thought didn’t cross my mind up until this was posted on one of the gaming blogs I read.

If you’re scratching your head as to who this character is, he’s the guy who created both Johnny the Homicidal Maniac as well as our beloved Invader Zim.

Regardless, it’s an interesting read, and I recommend checking it out via the link below.

I love climbing and slaughtering collosi or  tearing people limb from limb, channeling the anger from being tricked by Ares into slaughtering  my innocent family as much as the next virtual escapist, but I’m always interested in games that present an experience far enough removed from the usual thing to be looked thought of not as a mere game but as a more artistic extension and expression of something as abstract as human dreams.  Not to say that tearing someone’s arms off, impaling them against a door and then kicking them to open said door isn’t something we’ve all dreamed of, but something a bit more scaled back as the ability to fly is a nice diversion as well, and more today’s subject.

FLOWER: Relax, dammit, via Mindspill

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