Long lost movie games

It’s high time our favorite characters were liberated from their celluloid prisons and given the chance to strut proudly once again, all digital and ageless. New technology and gaming innovations have flipped a middle finger to Hollywood’s green light, so there’s absolutely no reason why extended multi-platform existence should only be the right of Marvel superheroes and karate bears.

Why shouldn’t we be able to play all of our favorite movies? Who cares if they barely have relevance outside of a VH1 retrospective, it’s not like this is a new concept. Chow Yun-Fat getting too elderly for a Hard Boiled sequel BAM: John Woo’s Stranglehold! Dan Aykroyd’s getting the run around from Hollywood? BOOM: Ghostbusters is hitting every platform this summer. Hell, both The Godfather and Scarface have gotten revisionist updates, Al Pacino’s participation be damned!

via GamesRadar

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