New Alien vs Predator game in 2010

This is just too cool. While I loved the second game developer by Monolith, I still really enjoyed the first one, and know that it has a special place in alot of gamers’ hearts.

The two baddest aliens in the galaxy square off again next year, as Sega announces a new Aliens vs. Predator title, developed by the team behind the 1999 original.

Forget the sadly under-developed film franchise – a video game is where the two legendary movie monsters first face-off, and a video game is where the battle will continue with the announcement of a brand new Alien vs. Predator video game coming our way in early 2010. While publisher Sega plans on revealing further details at a later date, they have revealed that the developer behind the new title is independent developer Rebellion, the creators of the original Aliens vs. Predator first-person shooter that scared the living crap out of us back in 1999.

via Kotaku

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