Painting once more!

So as it was with Curt i have found new inspiration to paint after playing DoW2. This weekend I have been aiming to be as relaxed as possible, and painting really does keep your mind off of things…

So, after seven hours of X-Files yesterday I managed to paint up almost my entire second squad. I have all of their main area’s done, just have some small details left on their boots and flashlight guns (I thought you would laugh at that comment Curt). Then it’s a matter of painting their imperial insignia’s and their done. The one thing that gets me though is I spent all this time doing it assembly line style and I missed a guy. *Smack Head*. My second vox-caster troop got left behind when i grabbed my men. So I unfortunately still have one soldier sporting undercoat black, sexy.

I am totally psyched to get them finished up today and display two done squads. I still need to go over all of them for fine details, but they will atleast be table ready. Once i finish them up today i think i will be working on the Leman Russ next.  If i apply what I have learned so far about painting to the tank I think it will look pretty damn fantastic, that’s my hope anyways.

So I am now officially starting to shop around for my command squad and possibly a kasrkin squad to act as stormtroopers. Although no matter what by the end of February I will have my command squad, so by March I should atleast be able to field a 500 point “army”. There is so much to buy!

I do think I will need to buy stock in brushes though. No matter how careful you are with them they still really don’t take that long until they end up in the “whatever” pile of brushes. Although I know I am getting better at taking care of them cause this last fine detail brush has been going strong for a good while now.

Come on Carl! I will need something to shoot at soon! I will be organizing the back half of my basement into my little gaming area this week. Chris’s old kitchen island i took years ago is going to be my gaming surface/worktable. The surface, as is, is already about two and a half feet by four and a half feet. I may modify it a bit to make it larger 😉 . So I will finally be starting work on terrain soon, I can’t wait. Been looking at model railroader magazine for some inspiration. Muahahaha!

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  1. Woot! Aside from my vox-caster troop, my two squads are now done. They are looking pretty sweet. This new batch turned out better then the originals. I actually managed to get some proper highlights on their fatigues.

    Still nowhere near show quality work, but they will look pretty sweet in play!…even if it is just to see them get potentially steam rolled by space marines. lol.

  2. Glad to hear it’s going well. I’ll likely make a post about my progress as well. I haven’t been bothering taking pictures, mainly because the progress is subtle because I’m dividing it between so many figures. They’re really approaching something I’m happy with, though. Some of it is a little frustrating here and there (not turning out quite how I’d like it), but in other areas better than I expected.

    Just a quick summary, though: I finished building my tanks. I tried making them modular with the magnets but it really wasn’t working out, so I’ve got one predator and one razorback that can convert into a rhino with some quick changes. It’s really encouraging to see them all built up, now. I also finished off my devastator squad and I love how my captain is looking. Lastly, I’m just about ready to do highlighting on my marines. I added thin black line around the edges of their shoulder pads (between the gold trim and white pad itself) and I like how it looks, but it’s a tad sloppier than I’d like it to be. Maybe it’ll grow on me more over time. If not, then it’ll be time again to redo their shoulder pads (which I really don’t want to do again). This white paint is turning out to be the bane of my existence. :S

  3. Sucks the white paint is not working out the way you want. I’m sure your men like fine though, your just fixating on the small details you don’t like because you know where they all are. I see all the little imperfections and parts i don’t like on my men, but when i decide if i am happy with it i try to ignore those small parts and make an overall judgement on my work. I come away much happier that way, and i don’t feel like i am settling for sub par work.

    Your right htough it is a good feeling when you get your vehicle/s assembled. When my Leman was in pieces it was so daunting too put it together. I still need to glue a few parts into place but overall mine is done, and when i finished it i felt pretty darn good about the whole thing. Can’t wait to build my next vehicle, whatever it will be.

  4. Yeah, and I’d heard that white paint can be notoriously difficult to work with. I guess when I work on my minis again later this week, I’ll take a look at them as they are and decide if I want to go back and fix anything or if I’m content with how they look and go about finishing them off. I’ve already gone back and done the shoulder pads a few times, so I’m thinking that I should just settle and move on. I am thinking I might try something using the extra shoulder pads I have on the sprues and seeing if I like it, though. Right now, the lines I added between the shoulders and their trim looks alright, and it’s quite similar to how GW does it with their Black Templar example on the website, but they’ve got an example of White Scars being painted where they water down grey and use it as a wash in the corners of the plates which looks really nice. I might give it a shot, but I’d also really just like to be done my army now. 😉

  5. Hehe, yeah I wish my army was all collected, built, and painted right now too. I was looking at the website for the imperial guard getting idea’s for tank camo/design schemes. Found all these neat tricks for adding mud (real looking mud, not just painted on) that i want to do now. Getting complex fast, especially since i am for sure going to add in a few blast marks on my tank.

    This stuff really does escalate quickly.

  6. I’ve been watching/reading alot of different tutorials and it can certainly get complex very quickly. I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible though. I’m technically still a newbie, so I should try to keep it simple to avoid being overwhelmed. On that same token, I really want to make something I won’t ever want to go back and change at a later, but I know that’s basically impossible as I won’t get to the point I want to be at without first practicing. 😉

    I have built up a decent collection of places for tutorials though:

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