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Alright, as some of you might’ve noticed, the site’s been down alot over the past day or two. For me, this is the final straw. I’m going to move this to a new host. I figured I’d let you all know just in case stuff explodes while you’re using it. I’m going to make a backup of the site right now, so anything after this point will be lost. All I’m asking is to be patient and hopefully we’ll have the site running better than ever soon enough.

UPDATE: I have to wait until tomorrow before I can activate the new host, so resume normal usage of the site until I’m actually ready to make the switch. I’ll let you guys know when to freeze. 😉

UPDATE 2: Alright folks, this is it. As of 10:20am, anything beyond this point will be lost in the transfer. As I said before, I’ll let you know when you can resume using the site again. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE 3: If you’re seeing this, then you can reach the site (obviously), which is now running off a new server. I hope this one will have much better uptime. Huzzah! The page is faster, overall, though it’s still slowed down by the Google calendar sync a teeny bit.

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  1. I ended up just using the phpmyadmin method. I can’t remember off the top of my head what the details were, but there were some pretty big limitations regarding the wordpress db export plugin.

    I figured also that the SQL export/import method would copy everything over. It all went very smoothly, too. The DNS refresh was the longest part.

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