So I got a PSP

I got a bonus from work recently so decided to have a little fun since it has basically been months of penny pinching. Also with the promotion I got it added to the funds. So I went a bit crazy.

I went and got myself a PSP. For a few reasons. One is I want an MP3 player and luckily enough it plays games too lol I also wanted one for quite awhile. I think now it has a more generous lineup which makes it more worth while. Also sales have been surging in Japan for the device and also increasing in NA so it was a slow take off. But it means more good things are coming. I ended up with the Ratchet and Clank bundle. This bundle includes the PSP 2000 model, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure 2 and a voucher for Echocrome.

I booted the machine up and if you played a PS3 it is a similar menu which I love for simplicity sake. I easily added it to the network and just as easilyconnected it via my PS3. This is kind of cool as I can down PSP/PS3 games via PSN and upload it to the PSP for travel play. So all those PS1 games, etc can be brought for on the go playing. To me this is awesome and a good example of digital distribution. I heard MS was thinking the same but they are determining how to pull it off well. Regardless this is pretty cool. Another cool yet not totally needed feature is Skype. I cannot do texting but I can do voice chat. It is pretty good, very pretty. Will need to test it out though to see how good it really is. Aside from that it has an RSS feader which I alread set to Kotaku.

So I played a bit of Echocrome. My initial reaction is that it is very relaxing game and very good. Gets you to think in various perspectives as you try to get your guy around various levels. Has to be one of the better indie games I have played.

I watched NT2 last night via the UMD disc. As a format and viably trying to get people to buy them I think it fails. Why spend $15 on a UMD movie when you cannot play it on your DVD right. Not to mention there are no real special features. I think they could do very well by adding a digital version of the movie on all DVD or make them downloadable via the PSN.They are roughly 1GB in size so depending on the memory card you would still have enough room for saves. I hope they go this route as I actually really enjoyed the movie. The quality was most excellent and it showed to me personally that it is a viable media system. For me who is on the train this is just awesome. So here is hoping they fix this.

I assume R&C:SM is just a port of the PS2 version in which case I say, awesome port. It is fun, witty and gorgeous. That is what you get with a portable PS2 I suppose. In all I am very happy with it. I also bought for a modest $14 Killzone Liberation. I love the cheap games.

So aside from that I bought another PS3 game called The Club. Kinda like a Manhunt type game from Sega. I got this used for a mighty $4.00. Even if the game blows I win lol I also got Resistance: Fall of Man. Want to know what this GoW competitor is like and to also take advantage of the PS3 network a bit.

Speaking of which I also picked up SOCOM Confrontation. I heard it was good but needed some patching and recently it got a mega patch which addressed a lot of complaints people had. This promted me to reavaluate if I wanted it or not. Hearing all the gripes were fixed I got it. I got the version that comes with the Bluetooth headset. Either way it made up for the tag of $49.99 for the mic alone.

And well thats it for now lol I think it is enough. Should keep things quite busy. I will give further impressions on the PSP as I use it more but if you have a PS3 it is pretty much a must have if your looking for a portable gaming platform.

2 thoughts on “So I got a PSP”

  1. Size Matters was actually made specifically for the PSP, and then ported to the PS2. Kind of like Liberty City Stories.

    As for Confrontation, I have the same bundle and have yet to play it. We should arrange to play together online someday. It’s getting tough to arrange when and where people are available with all these different social networks and tools: Skype, Steam, Live, PSN, etc.

  2. I totally agree. I partially blame my work since most social media application they get me to try out so I can see how useful it is and whether it poses and IT policy threat of course internally.

    I am trying to keep things strictly to google calendar and here. And yes we should totally try this out. Looking forward to see how the voice chat is. Hopefully better then the MS one where you sound like your all using voice changers.

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