Square-Enix possibly buying Eidos

I can’t say that Eidos is one of my favourite developers/publishers or anything, but this is definitely interesting news. Particularly considering how in-keeping it is with Squeenix’s plan to bring more western-made games to Japan.

From the article:

this morning brought confirmation that that was indeed the case. The bid for the company is valued at GBP 84.3 million (or roughly $119.8 million, based on the current exchange rate). The Eidos Board of Directors have agreed to recommend the offer to shareholders, which could mean that Lara Croft could look like an androgynous boy by sometime next year.

via Destructoid

2 thoughts on “Square-Enix possibly buying Eidos”

  1. Yeah it will be interesting to see what they can do together. Seem’s like an odd choice to acquire. But Eidos has been in financial shit lately so Square came in at the right time.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Eidos on the whole, so I’m not exactly elated by the news, but it certainly makes sense financially. Eidos isn’t too big for Squeenix to afford. It’s not like they’re buying Blactivision or something.

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