2 thoughts on “TMNT 25th Anniversary”

  1. Hehe, I knew you’d be up for it. Actually, I spent a little bit of time beginning on a Macross conversion for Savage Worlds. I figured I’d start with the VF-1J and base the other mecha off that baseline.

    I have no idea when we’d play this, or TMNT, as I want to concentrate on D&D; but I got so excited by Macross Frontier that I wanted to at least put ideas down on paper before I lose the drive.

    It was kind of funny, too. Last night when I was punching in speed conversions into Google (like 500km/h to yards per half second, kind of thing), it reminded me of when I did the old Macross II conversion to Silhouette, back in the day and all the math that was involved in that. Thankfully, Savage Worlds is simple enough that it’s really only the speed that required converting.

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