Videogames are stressful things

I can kinda see the point they’re making here. I don’t think it’s really as dangerous as it sounds. I know that sometimes I’ve been a little jumpy or bug-eyed after an extended play session of some kind of action game. But the key there is extended. I’m talking about the time Neil and I played Doom 1 and 2 for days straight, or the time we played Counterstrike for a few days straight. I don’t feel the same adrenaline overload if I play Left 4 Dead or Fallout 3 for a few hours.

According to a new British-backed Taiwanese study, videogames can be a contributing factor in rising stress levels and anxiety in young people. So, not only are they solely responsible for school shootings and rapists, they could now give you a heart attack. Ace!

The research proposes that videogames instigate humanity’s “fight or flight” instinct, which in turn can inadvertently release adrenaline into the body. However, since the human body is neither fighting nor flying during the average gameplay session, that rogue adrenaline simply sits there, and could potentially cause anxiety problems due to an “adrenaline overload.”

via Destructoid

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