What would you do?

So i was bumming around the intertubes and came across this. Not sure if anyone else has seen this before, but it was new to me.

It’s this pretty cool little interactive zombie movie. You watch a scene and then make a decision, the next scene will reveal the consequences of your decision. If people survive you get to make another decision. My first attempt i got everyone killed by scene 4…what can i say, nobody’s perfect lol…

What would you do?

Edit: Yes, the audio/video sync is way off for the first scene. As far as i can tell though it is the only one out of sync. Just incase anyone gets confused or something 😉

XBOX 360 Vs PS3

We need an impartial jury of peers. My brother and I are fighting over which console to get. Xbox 360 elite or the PS3 at the same price, $399. In your experience which ones have you found to be the superior system. We are looking at a couple of key issues with each system.

  1. Most Xbox games can be purchased for the PC
  2. We are both fans of the Classic RPG genre of game (Not the evolved PC 3rd person)
  3. We would probably look into Modding
  4. The Xbox 360 library is larger
  5. PS3 has God of War 3 and Little Big Planet and MGS4 

Help is required, please post your own experiences. Which you tend to play more, which you have considered a better purchase. Thank you.

Chrome is Officially the Safest Browser

What better way to test security than to have hackers try to break it?

During a contest at the CanSecWest event, security researchers competed to exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers. Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer were all successfully compromised, but Chrome was able to withstand the first day of the competition.

I think what’s most interesting is that Safari went down first, in 10 seconds. Sure, it might be fast and pretty, but wow.

Now I just need Chrome to have AdBlock and maybe Firebug and I’ll be golden.

via Ars Technica.

The New Battle.net

Today, Blizzard unveiled the brand-spankin-new version of it’s aged (like wine, not like mold!) Battle.net service. Why is this important? Well, now your Battle.net account will operate as a master account for all of your Blizzard games. This includes World of Warcraft. Eventually, every WoW player MUST merge their account with a Battle.net account, so I suppose there’s no harm in getting started early. I did it with mine, which now means that my login is based on my email address and not a username. It’s kinda sad cause I was pretty proud to have snagged Gryffin. It’s rare I manage to get it before others. But if it’s going to be mandatory, might as well do it before it becomes so and the site is crippled by everyone doing it at once (ie: at the last minute).

Some interesting side benefit to it is that the games you add can be downloaded right from Blizzard, rather than having to install them from CD. Furthermore, when I added my old Starcraft key, it actually gave me the Starcraft Anthology, which is awesome. I got the addon without having to buy it!

Welcome to Battle.net

The Painful End

Tonight’s been quite the night. Actually, let me back up a bit, this weekend’s been quite tumultuous. It all started with Elly and I planning on going to Kingston, where her mother lives. I’ve met her family at other times, all except her brother, so this wasn’t really anything terribly new, except perhaps where she’d grown up.

Unfortunately, and partially thanks to Carl, I caught a really nasty bout of the flu and ended up couch bound. In the state I was in, it wouldn’t have been much of a good idea to go to Kingston when the weekend rolled around, so I didn’t. I didn’t want to risk making things worse. Elly was suitably disappointed.

The following day, she messaged me saying that if I wanted to salvage the weekend, I could drive out there. I still had a chance. I still felt like crap, though, so I said no and that I was sorry. Instead of sympathy, I drew fury. This made me wonder: did she really trust me when I said I was sick? It was understandable that she’d be upset, but angry at me, as if it was somehow my fault that I was ill?

I stewed over it for the remainder of the weekend, rethinking the relationship. It was no great mystery that I wasn’t in love, and so this event was really something that made me wake up and see that, if I couldn’t see myself with her in the future, then I really shouldn’t keep things going on longer than they have.

And so it happened. Painfully and miserably all-around. I wish it didn’t have to hurt so bad, and I’m really broken up about it, but I know it was the right thing to do, before things got more serious. All along, I felt half-hearted about the whole thing. Never in love, but always wondering when (if) I would be. That wasn’t fair to me, and it certainly wasn’t fair to her. I never want to inflict pain upon others, but I knew that it would never be easy.

Sorry if this seems rambly or unpleasant to read. I just needed to talk about it. I imagine it’s going to be the only thing on my mind for some time.

Warhammer Sale Alert

Hey Neil, check out Tour de Jeux at Fairview. They have a small Warhammer display there at all 50% off.

I went there this evening to check out game board stuff and noticed the warhammer section. Thinking that it was fishy I asked them about it. They said a store downtown closed and it had Warhammer stuff in abundance and that itès not really a good seller at Tour de Jeux so they are dumping their stocks.

They do not have tons of stuff mind you. They have rulebooks / codex but they are mainly in french. They have some 40k boxes. I was looking at putting together a Necron army but they only had a squad and a heavy I believe. Eldar they have the most. Fantasy they have quite a bit but all small squads. I was looking at piecing together a Tomb King army however they did not have everything. Basically they had half of what I would need.

So I opted and bought a Lizard Men batallion. Basically looks like even more dangerous Murlocs. It was $60 at reduced price so was very happy as they go for $120 / $130.

I also bought some fancy Warhammer Fantasy dice. And Marie helped finance me as even she knew this shit was a good price LOL

So yeah fantasy wise I think I am good. I have Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Bretonnian and now Lizard Men armies. Wahoo sales!

A gaming we will go

Ahhh sweet gaming. I recently beat Clive Barkers Jericho. It was a very cool game overall. The atmosphere was not really creepy. It was more shock horror at one or two points and the rest was meh. Maybe I am desensitized lol The only thing that irked me was how you have to manage your squad that occasionally can be retards and then get wiped out leaving you to try and res them all without dying while also fighting off hordes of things.

I also just beat Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters which is a fun, silly romp whose difficulty ranges from kiddy safari to OMFG!! The last boss was just insane. His maneuvers were not complex. He repeated more or less the same attacks. However if you missed a jump it would sometimes one shot you or two hits would do it. And to boot there was no health. But all around it was very enjoyable.

I also started up MGS3 which means I played 5 hours total, 1 of which was actually me playing. Nice story though. I am at this boss right now called The End. Some century old sniper who slept all these years for one final glorious battle.

On my travel time I just started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. So far an excellent remake. One of the best I have seen.

What are you all playing?