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Ahhh sweet gaming. I recently beat Clive Barkers Jericho. It was a very cool game overall. The atmosphere was not really creepy. It was more shock horror at one or two points and the rest was meh. Maybe I am desensitized lol The only thing that irked me was how you have to manage your squad that occasionally can be retards and then get wiped out leaving you to try and res them all without dying while also fighting off hordes of things.

I also just beat Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters which is a fun, silly romp whose difficulty ranges from kiddy safari to OMFG!! The last boss was just insane. His maneuvers were not complex. He repeated more or less the same attacks. However if you missed a jump it would sometimes one shot you or two hits would do it. And to boot there was no health. But all around it was very enjoyable.

I also started up MGS3 which means I played 5 hours total, 1 of which was actually me playing. Nice story though. I am at this boss right now called The End. Some century old sniper who slept all these years for one final glorious battle.

On my travel time I just started playing Star Ocean: First Departure. So far an excellent remake. One of the best I have seen.

What are you all playing?

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  1. Being that I’ve been couch bound over the weekend, I’ve been playing alot of console games.

    I’ve unlocked everything within my skill level in Street Fighter IV and have been playing it online against people here and there. Still a blast to play, but of course it’d be best against people I know. Sunny, Bernard, and I (two of of the people I work with) are going to get together at Bernard’s over lunch time sometime this week to battle it out in person, so that should be fun.

    I also decided to get back to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which I finished in a few days. Great game, lots of fun, though the boss battle at the end is kind of frustrating. Still, I highly recommend the game. It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best PS3 game I’ve played so far.

    Then I got back to Dead Rising, which I hadn’t played in ages, but it wasn’t too hard to get back into. I finished that in a few days as well. I concentrated on the main quest and only really saved other survivors when I had the time. The shooting controls are still a bit clunky, and there seems to be stuff that’s lost in translation; but overall I had a great time playing through it. I even got the true ending, which you have to do some extra stuff at the end of the game to get.

    I’ve also been playing some No More Heroes, but not any drastic amount. It’s a zany game, and kind of weird overall, but it’s entertaining. It’s strange to play stuff on the Wii after spending so much time devoted to 360/PS3 games.

    Speaking of the Wii, I’ve also been playing a bit of Mega Man 9 again. I’ve beaten two bosses now. Man that game is Nintendo-hard.

    Lastly, as Neil mentioned, I’ve been playing Dawn of War 2 Co-op with him online and it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to get back to that ASAP. It really feels like playing the tabletop game compared to how the first game was.

  2. Last night I finished Crackdown (which I notice I didn’t mention I was playing, earlier), so now I’ve moved on to The Darkness. Hopefully it won’t take long to finish that one and move on again. It’s nice to finally be finishing some of the games in my collection. I’m purposefully avoiding the RPGs in the collection, though, as the time sink is just a bit much right now. I’ll beat the action games I have first, if I can help it.

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