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Today, Blizzard unveiled the brand-spankin-new version of it’s aged (like wine, not like mold!) service. Why is this important? Well, now your account will operate as a master account for all of your Blizzard games. This includes World of Warcraft. Eventually, every WoW player MUST merge their account with a account, so I suppose there’s no harm in getting started early. I did it with mine, which now means that my login is based on my email address and not a username. It’s kinda sad cause I was pretty proud to have snagged Gryffin. It’s rare I manage to get it before others. But if it’s going to be mandatory, might as well do it before it becomes so and the site is crippled by everyone doing it at once (ie: at the last minute).

Some interesting side benefit to it is that the games you add can be downloaded right from Blizzard, rather than having to install them from CD. Furthermore, when I added my old Starcraft key, it actually gave me the Starcraft Anthology, which is awesome. I got the addon without having to buy it!

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