Warhammer Sale Alert

Hey Neil, check out Tour de Jeux at Fairview. They have a small Warhammer display there at all 50% off.

I went there this evening to check out game board stuff and noticed the warhammer section. Thinking that it was fishy I asked them about it. They said a store downtown closed and it had Warhammer stuff in abundance and that it├Ęs not really a good seller at Tour de Jeux so they are dumping their stocks.

They do not have tons of stuff mind you. They have rulebooks / codex but they are mainly in french. They have some 40k boxes. I was looking at putting together a Necron army but they only had a squad and a heavy I believe. Eldar they have the most. Fantasy they have quite a bit but all small squads. I was looking at piecing together a Tomb King army however they did not have everything. Basically they had half of what I would need.

So I opted and bought a Lizard Men batallion. Basically looks like even more dangerous Murlocs. It was $60 at reduced price so was very happy as they go for $120 / $130.

I also bought some fancy Warhammer Fantasy dice. And Marie helped finance me as even she knew this shit was a good price LOL

So yeah fantasy wise I think I am good. I have Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Bretonnian and now Lizard Men armies. Wahoo sales!

2 thoughts on “Warhammer Sale Alert”

  1. Sweet, gonna swing by today.

    I knew they had some warhammer stuff, but when i was last there it was full price.

    I am also considering a necron army. So i may pick up what ever they have that’s cheap, even if it is not a fieldable army to start with. We will see.

    Thanks for the heads up!:D

  2. I was bad, i bought the Necron codex and a warrior squad and a devastator. that 50% off deal was awesome. Got it all for $60!

    Was tempted to actually buy some Dark Eldar, (Neil, Eldar?! I know!) but i like the Necrons more.

    SO i have officially started building a second army…which is bad since i am still working on my first one. But the deal was not one to pass on!

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