What would you do?

So i was bumming around the intertubes and came across this. Not sure if anyone else has seen this before, but it was new to me.

It’s this pretty cool little interactive zombie movie. You watch a scene and then make a decision, the next scene will reveal the consequences of your decision. If people survive you get to make another decision. My first attempt i got everyone killed by scene 4…what can i say, nobody’s perfect lol…

What would you do?

Edit: Yes, the audio/video sync is way off for the first scene. As far as i can tell though it is the only one out of sync. Just incase anyone gets confused or something 😉

One thought on “What would you do?”

  1. I saw something like this on YouTube awhile back that was like what to say and not to say on a date. It was pretty funny. I’ll give this one a shot later, it sounds interesting!

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