XBOX 360 Vs PS3

We need an impartial jury of peers. My brother and I are fighting over which console to get. Xbox 360 elite or the PS3 at the same price, $399. In your experience which ones have you found to be the superior system. We are looking at a couple of key issues with each system.

  1. Most Xbox games can be purchased for the PC
  2. We are both fans of the Classic RPG genre of game (Not the evolved PC 3rd person)
  3. We would probably look into Modding
  4. The Xbox 360 library is larger
  5. PS3 has God of War 3 and Little Big Planet and MGS4 

Help is required, please post your own experiences. Which you tend to play more, which you have considered a better purchase. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “XBOX 360 Vs PS3”

  1. Personally, I much prefer the Xbox. I just find I use it a lot more than the PS3. I’ll break it down by your criteria here:

    1. I disagree with this. While a few are available on the PC, it’s not nearly as common as it was on the original Xbox. There are a lot more exclusives.

    2. Unfortunately, this console generation really doesn’t have much in the way of RPGs. That said, I believe the Xbox actually has MORE RPGs right now. The PS2 was very RPG heavy, but the PS3 seems pretty barren in that regard.

    3. Both are moddable. The Xbox runs the risk of being banned from Xbox Live permanently, meaning no software updates and no downloads. I do know someone with a modded Xbox who’s doing just fine, though. I guess it really comes down to being careful not to play certain games before release.

    4. Indeed, the Xbox library dwarfs the PS3 library. Additionally, when there’s a multiplatform game, the Xbox version is usually superior because the PS3 is hard to develop for and actually has an inferior graphics process (look at the RE5 comparisons for some hard evidence).

    5. This bit’s undeniable. While the exclusives are few and far between, they are all very good games on the PS3. This is really the only reason I have one (that, and timing: the PS3 doesn’t have backwards compatibility anymore, and I wanted it before it lost it). The same could be said about the 360, though: Gears of War and such.

    Or, you know, just get both and be done with it. 😉

  2. We ended up getting the elite red. It came with Resident Evil 5, the PS3 came with nothing. The Xbox came with HDMI cables, the PS3 did not. Also came with a headset, and a token for street fighter II. That and twice the HD space.

    All in all, a better choice in the short term.

  3. This was all very informative, i am thinking of scoring a new console sometime in the nearish future and was going to make a similar post. I was leaning more towards an xbox, but wanted to be sure anyways.

    So thanks for anticipating my needs, lol 😉

    Oh, by the way. Does the xbox come standard with wireless capability? or does it need to be wired? or in the event there is both options, is it better for it to be hard wired or is wireless acceptable for xbox live?

  4. The Xbox doesn’t have wireless out of the box, but it can be jury-rigged if you’ve got a wireless router kicking around that you’re not using. Regardless, however, having a wired connection is much preferred for Xbox live.

    And grats on the Xbox, Joe! If you connect it to the internets, I’d love to know your gamertag!

  5. Yup agree with Curt on all points. 360 is just where it is at right now. I think the PS3 and PSP are gaining a lot more momentum and developers are starting to figure it out more so we will be seeing a lot of new stuff our way for it. I have about 10 games for it right now and really it’s all about the specials. I found one game called The Club. While it might not be a “great” game it was $5 for the PS3 and $60 for 360.

    There are surprisingly a lot of games like that for either system. Once you eventually have both you pretty much have a world of options.

    I have still seen some PS3 with backwards compatibility though. I think that is the only reason I would push people to get it sooner rather then wait.

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