PAX East: 2010

Well a bit early but just putting this out there that Penny Arcade are having their expo in Boston on March 26th – March 28th of next year. This is an epic gaming expo that has a little bit of everything. I found out a few weeks ago that pre registration has begun and last quite a long time as well.¬† It’s $50 to register online for a 3 day pass. Pre registration ends March 25th so lots of time there.

General idea is we take a few days off and drive up there on the 26th early on in the morning. Hotel arrangements will have  to be done when more information is available. Drive is about 5 or 6 hours and we will need passports.

I have not had too much time to really get more into this hence the posting now not to mention the huge time we have to organize. So there you go. Post if your interested. I know it’s hard to commit a year in advance but at least if we know how many are interested we can plan based on that as information becomes available.

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