Some bad news.

So I figured it would be good to mention this now. First, i can’t make it for Wednesday afterall. I have been invited to a Passover dinner. I am also busy Thursday night helping my sister, so if we wanted to try and reschedule the game then it would have to be Tuesday night. If people do not mind then great, if it is a problem the I unfortunately will miss the game this week. I will send out an e-mail to see what people think on rescheduling.

My other bad news is that it turns out I won’t be able to make it to Toronto next weekend. Turns out that because of the nature of how I was able to get the class I wanted this semester, we won’t also be able to enjoy the long weekend. Which sucks cause I really wanted to play some Warhammer 40k…I primed my Necrons, and mustered my Guardsmen…Looks like i won’t be fielding my Guard until the new codex. I will have the week before John’s wedding off from work. Maybe i can work out a pre-wedding trip the weekend before. You’ll be sick of me this summer Curt 😉

My class will also be keeping me very busy for the next ten weeks, I have five full blown projects to do. The first one being due in two weeks. I am planning ahead so that I will be able to keep Wednesdays free for D&D though. Hopefully all will go well and they won’t interfere with each other. Only way they should is if i fall behind in doing my work.

So that is that for now. If there are any further changes i will keep you updated.

One thought on “Some bad news.”

  1. No worries, and thanks for the heads up. I’m fine with rescheduling for Tuesday or even Monday.

    As for the visit, on the bright side, it gives my lazy ass much more time to get around to actually painting the rest of my army/armies.

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