Sorry guys I completely forgot about the session tonight. I crashed right after PT today, and didn’t wake up till around quarter to 7:00 on my clock here. Kind of sucks because I was actually looking forward to the session this week. Hope it went well. I’ll be picking up a headset this weekend so that will take care of my little problem I have. No more mute. Anyway sorry again guys. Oh yeah and since I started my course on Friday there might be times when I can’t make it for a session due to studying, I’ll let you know ahead of time if I can’t make it. Though that will rarely happen I’m sure.

4 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. No worries, Cliff. As bad as it might sound, I had a suspicion that you’d simply forgotten. I don’t think I have your cell number, so I couldn’t text you to alert you either.

    The session itself was good. We got started late (like 9pm our time, 6pm your time), so we didn’t play as long. The session was dominated by a huge fight with a young black dragon. It was a tough fight, but the group won out in the end without any casualties.

  2. Curt, nooo! Your supposed to say something like “Because you weren’t there, they all died! ZOMG!” lol.

    No worries though Cliff. Make it when you can, if you need us to be more flexible then always having it on a Wednesday night, let us know. Maybe some weeks we can do another night that would be better for you.

  3. no Wednesdays are usually the best, better than Monday or a Tuesday. The only thing I can’t forsee is homework, tests dates are giving well in advance so that we are aware they are coming, but we are giving plenty of time to do homework during breaks and lunchtime. I just wanted to let you guys know there may be a day or two where I won’t make it.

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