Car Blog Vol 1

As you all know I bought a 1981 Z28 Camaro. It was originally advertised as a Berlinetta which is more of a stylised interior model. However after some inspection I noticed a bunch of symbols on the interior which designated it as a Z28. Also the engine which is a V8 also fits the profile. I suppose the owner was not aware or just misclassified it on the classifieds section. Either way my gain. Upon visual inspection there was rust in the back. Gas tank was a concern since that had heavy rust and the remainder mostly on the back body. The floor under the drivers area was redone with modern plastic. Probably the floor rotted out and was replaced by this part. This is a normal repair for things like that so no big deal. Engine was redone witha spacer below the filter. This was apparently for look more then anything. Weatherstrip was also worn down just about everywhere and bushings looked finished.

Well it’s been a few weeks since I had the pretty old car but finally this week was the week I could drive it since I got my full license. Despite the problems visually the car rides well. However this was all stopped short when I discovered a nice little feature upon filling up my gas tank…there was a leak. Considering I bought the car for $4900 and there was obvious signs of rust it was just a matter of when something would happen. I discovered the leak when I left it at my parents place since my brother would take it to his mechanic school the following day. I was driving the Yaris back when uh-ohh. I noticed some small drips.  In the meantime I had a small bucket so the stone driveway at my parents wouldn’t be discolored.

Upon further inspection indeed about 3/4 of the way there was a rotted out part. Either way the gas tank had to be changed. So a new 21 Gallon tank has been put in place with new tank holder straps and rubber cushions. It sure made a difference. A huge chunk of rust is now gone. However after further inspection it seem’s any rubber that was on the car was all original, never changed and mostly disintegrated. This means that suspension / shocks all need a do over to be safe. Car is driveable but if I leave it unattended for too long I will just end up wearing it further and potentially causing more harm and putting stress on parts to the point of breakage.

So the parts are all being priced out by the school but it looks like all beginning of next week it will be in the shop to repair. Also my electrical is getting an overhaul as it needs to be mapped out so they can install my fancy new securirty system. I have a whole new weatherstrip kit from Texas coming in. I needed to find one that matched with my t-tops manufacturer. So that big part will also be done once it comes in. Also my windshield washer fluid will need tubes and probably new motor. Apparently the tubes are not there! Go figure.

So right now it seem’s like a fuck ton to do but it’s a lot of little things in the long run and thank god to the school and internetz I can get everything dirt cheap and no labor cost.  Essentially in mid june I should almost have a totally redone exterior mechanically. Interior I will tackle myself over time however I have a new dash which came with the car (was backordered) so will have them install that with all the other work. The interior itself is not end of the world. The console needs to be changed. The previous owner took out a little lower section and put a sporty oil and heat gage. Fugly is what I call it and will have that yanked out. I plan on installing new deluxe seat foam, new seat material, new inner door panels, new steering column, new wheel, new back panel, new trim. Basically everything though the back seats look in good shape but figure if I change the front, might as well change the set. Will be fun to dabble into what I can. I have an uber Camaro guide covering tearing down and rebuilding Camaro’s from 1970 – 1981 with schematics, electrical diagrams, etc. So will be cool.

Will try and post some pictures of the work in progress and keep updating.

Concerning the hunt for Green Stuff

Hey guys, decided I’d make a post out fo this rather than flooding the chat some more. Well, after some poking around, the best overall price for buying any of the epoxies commonly used for miniature modifying is either or The only place that beats them is, of course, eBay. Now, sells their green stuff for $20, but has much lower shipping ($7.59 for an order of one roll of Green Stuff and a brick of Brown Stuff, which I’ve read is better for sharp details). The war store sells Green Stuff for $12.99 but has twice the shipping price ($15.00 flat rate to Canada). This might make it seem like a no-brainer to go with The War Store, but offers bulk bundles, for an extra $18, you triple your order of Green Stuff (or add ), so now, you’re looking at $38 for 3 bricks as opposed to $39 at the War Store, which seems negligible until you remember the lower shipping at This comes out to a final total of $45.59 from greenputty vs $53.97 from the war store. Both places offer both the tape and rod varieties of Green Stuff at the same prices.

So really it’s a matter of what you want to get a lot, or a little. By the same token, If you really wanted to go nuts, offers a bulk bundle of 24 units of green stuff by adding $200 to the base of $20. So, to compare if you really needed a lot of green stuff, to say, build a bookshelf out of or something you would be looking at $227.59 from greenputty, or $346.76 from the war store. The savings!

And just for the fun of it, what does Games Workshop charge you for the same amounts of green stuff? Well, assuming you go the cheapest route and buy it in-person at the GW store.  For one package of the stuff it comes out to only$13.80 after tax! But oh, wait, that’s for a third of the amount so it’s really $41.40 for the equivalent of one brick. Or, if we wanted 3 bricks worth, it would be $124.20. And lastly, how does GW compare to the massive bulk order of 24 bricks of green stuff? With a whopping $993.60 after tax, that’s how!

The moral of the story, don’t go with GW unless you really only need a little of the stuff and don’t ever intend to use it again.

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 7

Alrighty, I finally got around to priming the Orks from the Assault on Black Reach starter set I got… last year. So I decided to do a test painting on a single Ork. While they’re supposed to look messy, I find that they’re a bit tougher to paint than marines. Marines are easy because they have a lot of large, simple surfaces, and not too many small details. I find, if you want to do a good job, the Orks have a ton of little fiddly bits that you have to be careful to avoid mucking up. Being that this was my first Ork, I had to make a lot of corrections, which unfortunately don’t look wonderful after you’ve already applied inks. That said, it was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to get painting the whole army. It’s also very nice to have a change of pace from painting all those marines (and all that brown — I’m sure I’ll be sick of green soon). When I’ve got more painted, expect some more pictures to illustrate my progress. I’m looking to get this army all good to go ASAP!


Explosions in the Sky – The Only Moment We Were Alone

I know I usually post actual official music videos for the Monday Music Video, but I’ve been so enamoured with Explosions in the Sky lately that I really wanted to post a song of their’s and they don’t actually have any videos. So, this left me with no choice but to post one of the bajillion fan videos. There was a really good one that used Saving Private Ryan, but I figured that might be a bit heavy for Monday morning. 🙂

What a week…

Hey boys,

So like the title says, what a week…

As usual for a vacation i take, no part of it has been easy. Starting with the actually getting one part. I had had this vacation postponed last minute by management not once, but twice. I then only got this vacation grudgingly, as one of my managers was doing everything in her power to cancel it again…anyways i digress.

So finally i got my vacation, and yet it really was not a vacation. A vacation too me is a time to relax with no worries, and no hassles. I wish I could actually get that too happen. Between more class projects, financial woes, going for a mortgage pre-approval, dropping my mom off at rehab today…and the usual stresses of daily life, this has been one crazy vacation and I am beat. So it makes sense I go back to work tomorrow stressed out and as annoyed as when I went on vacation…lucky me.

Seems every plan I have in life gets overshadowed by everyone elses, like mine just don’t matter to anyone. Yeah, maybe i am being a little pessimistic and maybe a touch dramatic. But dammit, i don’t give a crap. I just want school over, work to go f%$k it’s self, people too let me do the things i would like to do for a change, and for the same people to stop assuming I am an idiot and always wrong about everything. I am not asking for the world here… well maybe i am, gosh. I mean come on, i bend over backwards to make people as happy as i possibly can. Then they just seem to turn around and ask for more, or don’t appreciate what i do do (lol, i used do do…doodoo…). Kinda sick of it. I am just exhausted…

Rant off…

My mind is aflutter with scandalous musings!

So as some of you have likely heard, I recently purchased a box Storm Guardians for my eldar army, only to discover that I am short two units to make the squad playable. As I mentioned last D&D session, I’ve been considering dismembering my old unusable Striking Scorpions for parts to convert some of the units of my extra box of standard Guardians into Storm Guardians.

Well, it seems I’ve inadvertently opened myself, completely unprotected to a world ripe with delights of a most sinister kind. Very seriously intent now, upon turning the unusable into the usable, I have been pondering my means and resources and have determined that the defiled remains of my once-proud Scorpions will not be cast aside as discarded husks but rather emerge anew as wholy-unique creations. What I realized I can do, without sacrifcing any usable units and using only discarded and extraneous bits and pieces from unusable miniatures, was to fashion for myself a commander for my army, a proud Autarch, if you will equipped fully within the rules, but at once completely of my own creation. As i said in the title, my mind is truly aflutter with scandalous musings of god-like creationism.

For your approval, and wholly within my means and the rules; an Eldar Autarch equipped with Warp Spider Jump Generator, Mandiblasters, Reaper Launcher, and potentially a Dire Sword (Power Weapon). A formidable and menacing leader for 130 points, 140 if the Dire Sword is included. Truly, a prospect worthy of Frankenstein himself!

I have an idea!

Hey boys,

So i was flipping through Savage Worlds and then i had a thought. I thought “hey, maybe i’ll run a one shot. Hell maybe it may even become a mini campaign!” So i will hit you with it, get some feed back, see who’s interested, and then see about getting it started.

So here is the very brief synopsis to tantalize your imaginations and get you hooked (I hope): “It is 1917. The Great War seems to be slowly drawing to it’s end, but is it really? The series of events that lead up to the great war overshadowed a dramatic event that took place in the frozen lands of Tunguska, in Siberia. What could have possibly caused such devastation? What could it have been? What does it mean? What if it happened again? The truth could change the very face of the world. Is the world ready for the truth? Are you?”

Players could be anything they want to be in this campaign that fits the time period. This means best bets would be Infantryman, Flyboy, Scientist, Gunner. Something military in any regard. The style would be fairly pulp, ie: Indiana Jones and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I actually picked up a couple of books in the bargain section of chapters on WW1, i want to make it fairly acurate historicaly while making it all my own at the same time. Characters will be veterans of the war and be somewhat familiar with more of the “experimental weaponry” of the day ie: tanks, aircraft, mortar then the regular trooper. Obviously the players would be of the Allied Forces (Russian Empire, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Russia the Empire of Japan, and the United States), unless enough players wanted to be of the Central powers (German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria).

So If people like the sound of this, reply and let me know. I will post more details later, i hope to be ready for this to start in the next two weeks or so. If there is enough interest.

New Car Part 2

So I finally have the car!  Was a long process as the place was kind of far and it was a tiring day. Actually the whole ordeal has been tiring as to buy the car I am taking a line of credit to purchase it.  So to organize that was also time consuming. But now that it is all set and done it is in the driveway. It feel’s good to have it. Kinda like a dream accomplishment.

The car itself drives pretty good. I find I can adjust better to speeds however I find the breaking is less responsive to modern day cars. While it could be a car issue, everything checked out inspection wise so I think it is just more a habit of how this particular car handles. I know when driving it, you are in a birthing position as in more leaning back.

The most issues are cosmetic on the inside. Pretty much want to replace it all as it shows the age in not too kind of a light. I have a new dash coming in since the guy ordered one and part of the purchasing from him was that I get it when the order comes in. So there is that. However a lot of the accessories, etc need updating. Having found some online suppliers I can find just about anything for relatively cheap. I think the more expensive parts are seats, panels and anything with material.  I did go ahead and purchased a full weatherstrip kit with t-top option since I have the t-top. I found some of the weatherstripping quite rough in some parts and considering I want to protect my investment this was a must. There are no leaks but I could see one happening soon by the looks of some areas.  So I have that kit coming in from Texas….yes Texas. Was one of those suppliers that had the t-top kit.

Also I bought a security system from best buy. It basically detects if the door, hood or trunk is played with. Will beep a bit to warn if someone bumps the car and then go nuts when someone attempts anything evil like. If I am within 5000ft I have an LCD keychain that notifies me what is being done to it and of course warning me period that evil doers are about.  If there is one thing I know from the car is that it’s easy to access everything..from the outside lol Like popping the hood…oh yeah. I pretty much have an invitation for everyone to open her up. So the idea of leaving the car in a parking lot is kinda scary. So better to have protection. Also plan on putting out for the anti-starter.

So the engine is a V8, 175hp. While the guy had it listed as Berlinetta on the website I discovered it’s a Z28 due to logos  within the car. Either way…COOL!

I think it will be a fun project overall and a good base to work off of.  Here are some more pics.

V8 Engine



New Car

Well I finally got’s me a new car. My first car actually. I had a visit over the weekend for a Camaro 1981 Berlinetta edition. What does that mean? Not much LOL Just means the front seats are leather and power windows! I know, cutting edge tech right? I came across this by chance while scoping out a garage for the firebird I was looking to get. The price seemed odd considering it had a lot of things done to it. So I was a tad skeptical considering the last Camaro I visited looked like a war survivor.

After visiting and taking it for a test drive, all was perfect. It’s pretty cool cause the engine is newly restored from a Z28 model, the paint redone, new tires, new mags, new interior carpet, new shocks, new exhaust. There will be a new dash. Pretty much the couple was selling because they were not expecting to buy a house. So pretty much they are selling it to make ends meat. Kind of sad  but it works out for me in the end as I almost get a totally redone 81 Camaro. I am sure they could have sold higher but I think they were just desperate for a quick sell. Anyways, here are some pics of the car from the owners lot. BTW I just need to finish the financial transaction and were gold. Also Neil I may be calling you since I do not have the full license yet and would need a partner to sit with me. Will keep you posted.

Camaro Front

Camaro Side

Camaro Interior

The Engine


Hey everyone, hope all is well. How are thing?

Things have been quite busy on this end. Son is still sick though slowly coming around. I have been sick too. Nothing horrible. Just a cough that just won’t leave. It’s a very stubborn virus that’s for sure.

Had phone training and phone call recording training this week which was long. Very long. Call recording was easy, very users friendly however our Toronto phone system uses what is called Option 11. It’s almost like dos but filled with gibberish. Our MTL phone system is all graphical when configuring.

Been looking for a car as people may know. I lucked out on that Camaro as it looked like a tiger made a home on the inside and the photo’s were representative of the car when it actually looked good not it’s current decrepid state lol

So that sucked. But I went to visit a Firebird TRANS AM last night. Was quite nice. Not perfect mind you but what do you expect for a used car from 1980. I am trying to arrange for an inspection but will see how it all turns out. I was pleased with the overall state of it. It was missing a mat in the trunk. He opened it and was like ‘oh! I see the body!’ Looking online I found places to order new carpers and trunk mats, etc. Cost is around $45 so no big deal. Interior otherwise was surprisingly impeccable for it’s age as it’s all original. Paint is what would be needed most. Nothing horrible. Just not sure I want it to be the gold color that it is. Just that the logo on the hood is original and would hate to paint over it and slap a decal that would match the color I would change the car to.

Warhammer wise I put another coat of white on my throne of judgement. It’s slowly coming along. White is such an evil paint to use. But once done the details all go fast enough.

Duke Nukem For Never

Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms is shutting down, according to Shacknews. They cite ‘a reliable source close to the company,’ who said the developer is finished and employees have already been let go. It looks like all of the Duke Nukem Forever jokes are turning into reality; DNF might turn out to be the ultimate vaporware after all.

3D Realms’ webmaster, Joe Siegler, confirmed the closing, saying that he didn’t know about it even a day beforehand. Apogee and Deep Silver, who are working on a different set of Duke Nukem games (referred to as the Duke Nukem Trilogy) say they are not affected by the problems at 3D Realms.

In an odd way, this news is actually kinda sad. For all the joking around about Duke Nukem Forever over the past decade, I don’t think anybody really hated 3DRealms and wanted them to be gone.

Oh, and this link is obligatory.

via Slashdot