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As you all know I bought a 1981 Z28 Camaro. It was originally advertised as a Berlinetta which is more of a stylised interior model. However after some inspection I noticed a bunch of symbols on the interior which designated it as a Z28. Also the engine which is a V8 also fits the profile. I suppose the owner was not aware or just misclassified it on the classifieds section. Either way my gain. Upon visual inspection there was rust in the back. Gas tank was a concern since that had heavy rust and the remainder mostly on the back body. The floor under the drivers area was redone with modern plastic. Probably the floor rotted out and was replaced by this part. This is a normal repair for things like that so no big deal. Engine was redone witha spacer below the filter. This was apparently for look more then anything. Weatherstrip was also worn down just about everywhere and bushings looked finished.

Well it’s been a few weeks since I had the pretty old car but finally this week was the week I could drive it since I got my full license. Despite the problems visually the car rides well. However this was all stopped short when I discovered a nice little feature upon filling up my gas tank…there was a leak. Considering I bought the car for $4900 and there was obvious signs of rust it was just a matter of when something would happen. I discovered the leak when I left it at my parents place since my brother would take it to his mechanic school the following day. I was driving the Yaris back when uh-ohh. I noticed some small drips.  In the meantime I had a small bucket so the stone driveway at my parents wouldn’t be discolored.

Upon further inspection indeed about 3/4 of the way there was a rotted out part. Either way the gas tank had to be changed. So a new 21 Gallon tank has been put in place with new tank holder straps and rubber cushions. It sure made a difference. A huge chunk of rust is now gone. However after further inspection it seem’s any rubber that was on the car was all original, never changed and mostly disintegrated. This means that suspension / shocks all need a do over to be safe. Car is driveable but if I leave it unattended for too long I will just end up wearing it further and potentially causing more harm and putting stress on parts to the point of breakage.

So the parts are all being priced out by the school but it looks like all beginning of next week it will be in the shop to repair. Also my electrical is getting an overhaul as it needs to be mapped out so they can install my fancy new securirty system. I have a whole new weatherstrip kit from Texas coming in. I needed to find one that matched with my t-tops manufacturer. So that big part will also be done once it comes in. Also my windshield washer fluid will need tubes and probably new motor. Apparently the tubes are not there! Go figure.

So right now it seem’s like a fuck ton to do but it’s a lot of little things in the long run and thank god to the school and internetz I can get everything dirt cheap and no labor cost.  Essentially in mid june I should almost have a totally redone exterior mechanically. Interior I will tackle myself over time however I have a new dash which came with the car (was backordered) so will have them install that with all the other work. The interior itself is not end of the world. The console needs to be changed. The previous owner took out a little lower section and put a sporty oil and heat gage. Fugly is what I call it and will have that yanked out. I plan on installing new deluxe seat foam, new seat material, new inner door panels, new steering column, new wheel, new back panel, new trim. Basically everything though the back seats look in good shape but figure if I change the front, might as well change the set. Will be fun to dabble into what I can. I have an uber Camaro guide covering tearing down and rebuilding Camaro’s from 1970 – 1981 with schematics, electrical diagrams, etc. So will be cool.

Will try and post some pictures of the work in progress and keep updating.

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