Duke Nukem For Never

Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms is shutting down, according to Shacknews. They cite ‘a reliable source close to the company,’ who said the developer is finished and employees have already been let go. It looks like all of the Duke Nukem Forever jokes are turning into reality; DNF might turn out to be the ultimate vaporware after all.

3D Realms’ webmaster, Joe Siegler, confirmed the closing, saying that he didn’t know about it even a day beforehand. Apogee and Deep Silver, who are working on a different set of Duke Nukem games (referred to as the Duke Nukem Trilogy) say they are not affected by the problems at 3D Realms.

In an odd way, this news is actually kinda sad. For all the joking around about Duke Nukem Forever over the past decade, I don’t think anybody really hated 3DRealms and wanted them to be gone.

Oh, and this link is obligatory.

via Slashdot

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