I have an idea!

Hey boys,

So i was flipping through Savage Worlds and then i had a thought. I thought “hey, maybe i’ll run a one shot. Hell maybe it may even become a mini campaign!” So i will hit you with it, get some feed back, see who’s interested, and then see about getting it started.

So here is the very brief synopsis to tantalize your imaginations and get you hooked (I hope): “It is 1917. The Great War seems to be slowly drawing to it’s end, but is it really? The series of events that lead up to the great war overshadowed a dramatic event that took place in the frozen lands of Tunguska, in Siberia. What could have possibly caused such devastation? What could it have been? What does it mean? What if it happened again? The truth could change the very face of the world. Is the world ready for the truth? Are you?”

Players could be anything they want to be in this campaign that fits the time period. This means best bets would be Infantryman, Flyboy, Scientist, Gunner. Something military in any regard. The style would be fairly pulp, ie: Indiana Jones and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I actually picked up a couple of books in the bargain section of chapters on WW1, i want to make it fairly acurate historicaly while making it all my own at the same time. Characters will be veterans of the war and be somewhat familiar with more of the “experimental weaponry” of the day ie: tanks, aircraft, mortar then the regular trooper. Obviously the players would be of the Allied Forces (Russian Empire, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Russia the Empire of Japan, and the United States), unless enough players wanted to be of the Central powers (German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria).

So If people like the sound of this, reply and let me know. I will post more details later, i hope to be ready for this to start in the next two weeks or so. If there is enough interest.

10 thoughts on “I have an idea!”

  1. Probably will, was thinking about that the other day and decided it would not be a bad idea. Especially since i was thinking of doing a DL mini campaign at some point.

    I might even investigate doing a DBZ conversion to Savage Worlds. If it’s possible. Will see what happens.

  2. And I’m always up for playing more D&D.

    Oh, and speaking of RPGs, I’m putting the pieces together, but I should be almost ready for Trail of Cthulhu soon. I’m just sorting out the plot, and then I’ll need you guys to make characters or at the very least sort out the details about the group that’ll help me tailor the adventure.

    So far, I’m looking at setting it in Arkham in 1936. I suppose I could switch it to a real city or even Short Pine, if people preferred.

  3. Sweet, been looking forward to trying trail of cthuhlu. Can’t wait.

    But yeah for dbz, I’ve been thinking it should work well with savage worlds. Just a question of looking over a few things. I really like the setting I had developped for it, so if I can avoid wasting that work and use it I would love it.

    Seems like we may have a fair amount of roleplaying to do this summer!

  4. No, it hasn’t started yet, Cliff. I’m still not even ready to start it yet, but I’m going to need you guys to start brainstorming about your group/character concepts.

  5. Just so you know I am interested. And hopefully my schedule will smooth out soon when I finish all this bank / car dealy. Still have to go to the SAAQ and a meeting with the bank to tie up my credit line with them.

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