MiniWarGaming Painting e-Book Sale

Alright, so has released their very own introductory painting e-book for $20 Canadian. It might sound expensive, but until Tuesday, you get $40 coupons for their store (of course, you have to buy $50 of stuff to use them, but still!). I, personally, think this is a pretty good deal.

Buy it here on

6 thoughts on “MiniWarGaming Painting e-Book Sale”

  1. I’ve been thinking about grabbing this. I got my new codex yesterday, would have gotten the battleforce also but the dude at Le Valet said it won’t be out for another 2 weeks.

    Maybe if i get this e-book then i can use the coupons when i by my battleforce through them, hmmm…

  2. Just so people know, the coupons for Mini Wargaming are BS…

    I was/am about to pre-order my battleforce through them. I set it all up, they listed the shipping as being free if you put it through regular canada post delivery. The total came to $108 before the coupon. I then entered a $15 coupon and the final price was $105…I was like “WTF?”. I double checked, the second you enter a coupon they charge you $11.99 for shipping…So it pretty much makes the coupon useless.

  3. Aww fuck, never mind. I realized why, it lowered the overal cost of my order under $100. Orders less the $100 are not free shipping. I got scared, thought it was some kind of scam!

  4. Hehe, that’s good to know, at least. I’m a little saddened that the coupons can’t be combined on a single order, though it does make sense. I wanted completely free miniatures, damnit! 😉

  5. hehe yeah. I just added on a second item to my battleforce. So effectively i have gotten a 5 unit box of Ratlings for free now, along with my battleforce. So i am happy.

    By the way, the new revised Imperial Guard is f%#ckin awesome!!!

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