My mind is aflutter with scandalous musings!

So as some of you have likely heard, I recently purchased a box Storm Guardians for my eldar army, only to discover that I am short two units to make the squad playable. As I mentioned last D&D session, I’ve been considering dismembering my old unusable Striking Scorpions for parts to convert some of the units of my extra box of standard Guardians into Storm Guardians.

Well, it seems I’ve inadvertently opened myself, completely unprotected to a world ripe with delights of a most sinister kind. Very seriously intent now, upon turning the unusable into the usable, I have been pondering my means and resources and have determined that the defiled remains of my once-proud Scorpions will not be cast aside as discarded husks but rather emerge anew as wholy-unique creations. What I realized I can do, without sacrifcing any usable units and using only discarded and extraneous bits and pieces from unusable miniatures, was to fashion for myself a commander for my army, a proud Autarch, if you will equipped fully within the rules, but at once completely of my own creation. As i said in the title, my mind is truly aflutter with scandalous musings of god-like creationism.

For your approval, and wholly within my means and the rules; an Eldar Autarch equipped with Warp Spider Jump Generator, Mandiblasters, Reaper Launcher, and potentially a Dire Sword (Power Weapon). A formidable and menacing leader for 130 points, 140 if the Dire Sword is included. Truly, a prospect worthy of Frankenstein himself!

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  1. Doubleplusgood! I checked in Army Builder and it’s completely valid as well. Though the Reaper Launcher’s a 2-handed weapon, but it doesn’t say that you can’t have it in addition to a power weapon, so there you go!

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